5 reasons why “old-fashioned” display advertising is not dead. And probably never will be.


Outbound marketing or “interrupt” marketing is not everyone’s favorite. For marketers, outbound marketing is less converting (but no less effective) than inbound marketing. It requires more creative persuasion because you are approaching the consumer with a pitch instead of the consumer approaching you for information. For internet users, this is a blatant disruption to watching memes and funny cat videos, or worse, their work remotely.

So the 2018 prediction that 30% of users would use ad blockers soon came as no surprise. The shift to ad blockers seemed to be the end of online display advertising, and it certainly boosted “display is dead!” Enough. »Statements.

Even though ad blockers ended up showing even higher results reaching 42%, the annual banner ad rate is increasing and is expected to gradually increase by around 4.4% over the next few years (more in the mobile segment – up to ‘at 13%). So we’re here to explain why you shouldn’t forget what banner ads can do for your business so quickly.

What are display banners?

A banner ad, web banner, or display banner is an online outbound advertisement hosted by an ad server. The ad server embeds your ad in a web page based on your campaign strategy. The ad aims to grab attention, drive more traffic to your website, and increase conversions. Display banners cost around $ 1 per 1,000 impressions. That means you could have a 0.001% conversion rate, make just a dollar off your one customer, and still break even.

Why display banners are still relevant today

1. They generate major brand awareness

Banner ads get a bad rap most of the time because you don’t see a high conversion on banner ads compared to other forms of display advertising. A Think with Google study showed that 0.6% of banner views received a click, but that doesn’t mean banner ads don’t convert. They just don’t convert there on the page.

Banner ads generate brand awareness. Even when a viewer subconsciously sees the ad and doesn’t consciously save what was advertised, they’ll be more likely to recognize your brand the next time it appears, making them more likely to click. Video may be gaining popularity online, but there is no substitute for banner ads when it comes to repetitive and unconscious messages.

2. It is the most affordable display advertising available.

Banner ads are the cheapest PPC type ads available today. They are cheaper to create and cheaper to share across multiple platforms. You can use digital publishing software to create your banner ads yourself or pay professionals for graphic design and copy (text).

Even if you choose to hire professionals, the costs will be low due to the small size and simplicity of the ad. Once your ad is created, you can partner with display advertising networks to have it published or published yourself using software such as an ad server or DSP. Remember, it’s all about brand awareness. Make sure people can quickly understand who the ad is and what you are offering.

3. They help you target and qualify your web traffic

Your target audience is one of the most critical factors in any marketing campaign you run. Focusing your efforts on the people most likely to need and want your products and services is the most effective way to maximize your Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) and increase your conversion rates across the board.

Banner ads allow you to target your audience and then further qualify your web traffic. The people who click on your banner ad will be viable and potential leads. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have clicked on the ad. If you receive clicks that are neither targeted nor qualified, you need to rethink your ad placement and design.

4. Ad serving platforms help you track your success and optimize your campaign

Marketing is an evolutionary strategy that needs to be able to react to expected or unexpected performance of various parts, but that means you need to know how each part is performing at any given time. Some types of advertising are easier to follow than others, and banner ads are one of them.

Big brands can use ad servers for full control, while smaller brands can partner with ad networks to easily access quality traffic. Your platform should be able to provide metrics, as well as full control over your ad placement and performance. You’ll know if your ad is seen by enough people, if your ad design and content is effective, and if you need to adjust your strategy to improve your ROAS.

5. You can run longer campaigns with less resources

Because they are so simple, banner ads allow you to maintain long lasting campaigns without sacrificing many resources for management and monitoring. This, in turn, increases your ROAS in two ways.

First, spending fewer resources on campaign management will cost you less, so your return will be higher, but the big return is generated by familiarity. A long running campaign across multiple platforms engenders the kind of familiarity that is so crucial for sales conversions. Chances are, when you think of something to buy, you already have a brand in mind, and it’s not just because it’s good. It is also because you know them.

How to start a banner ad campaign

Today, getting your banner ad campaign is a fairly straightforward process as most servers have evolved to be user-friendly and intuitive. You usually start by choosing a banner type and name, uploading your graphic, adding the link and accompanying text (this will only show on certain browsers / websites) and launching your campaign.

Or, you can delegate this process to an ad network and just enjoy full management of your ad campaigns. Some advanced ad networks not only offer quality traffic but also have automatic optimization algorithms that help your banners convert (which is rare in display advertising). In this case, starting a campaign is even easier than in the first case, but this solution will lead to less control and understanding of traffic and inventory.

However you choose to market your brand to the world, banner ads are the way to go and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

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