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Expenses in the invoice

He met with lawyer Francesco Kazani and MP Eugenio Fasco Former Accenture Consulting Engineer (Between February and June 2020, the Wind Technology Platform Company will replace the Pure Brothers under investigation). He also said he had been approached by Vetria executives (as of December 27, 2019, a Pure Brothers company has been responsible for outsourcing content manufacturers for wind turbines), he added. Picking up 9 coins at a time is locked at a cap of 1 euro per month so the user won’t notice In the bill, but the system will still grind large sums of money.


Monday one New preventive seizures, By order of Trial Judge Patricia Noble, updates what has come out in the past few months Seizure of 21 million euros in the air Percentages of services implemented fraudulently by content companies such as Pride Moby and Yum through the Pure Brothers Technology Center. Now Epilepsy links 204,000 euros to Accenture accounts (Where technician Dominico Gallina worked), and on the accounts of 109,000 Vetria, which yesterday signed the broadband connection contract with OpenFiber, and the CEO of computer fraud Luca Tomasini is being investigated for hypotheses. , then CEO Alessandro Brilli and COO Simon Bolverini. And one more chapter opens here, because the work of investigators is already born Vetria conflictAt this point, he will cover all roles in the supply chain: air business center, content producer, content producer presenter for Tim, and department call center manager, Agam authority for communication as opposed to resolution 108 of 2019.

The decline of suspected customers

Of course, the data provided to Windreye Ac Com is shocking (following the lawyer’s office investigation) The rules have changed and users who want additional service should be asked to remove the predefined block: 8 million and 278 thousand wind turbine customers have received in light of the new regulatory law, the implementation of the ban. They expressed their wish not to activate the module on 390. Windrey’s new boss, who took over from a colleague interviewed in March 2020, adds to investigators: To date Functions in Accenture are drastically reducedOn average, it will go from 30 / 40,000 activations per day in April 2020 to 2,000 activations per day in June 2020, then reset in July. The day before yesterday, we made 100.

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