A fascinating portrait of Vladimir Putin’s worst nightmare [Sundance 2022]

Yes, Navalny was poisoned with Novichok, the same chemical weapon previously used by Putin’s henchmen in an attempt to assassinate a British spy years earlier. But as Russia’s state-sponsored media rushed to make up stories about the cause of Navalny’s surprise illness, likely the moonlight he’d been drinking the night before (or maybe hallucinogenic drugs were the culprit!), the aspiring presidential candidate slowly recovered and teamed up. with a journalist – whom he called “a very nice Bulgarian nerd with a laptop” – to try to determine exactly who poisoned him.

Along the way, we’re given insight into how he relates to his family and the small, trusted team around him. Navalny is a funky, good-natured good-looking guy who looks like a cross between Paul Bettany and Daniel Craig, and it’s endearing to watch him have fun with his wife while feeding the farm animals while he’s chilling out. handing out poison, or teaching his 19 year old. 1 year old daughter how to use TikTok. He has a huge social media presence, and watching him and his middle-aged cohorts get excited about the number of views on their YouTube videos humanizes him. These in-between moments should help transform him from an abstract figure to a fleshed-out person in the minds of the American public. He says he prefers playing ‘Call of Duty’ to chess, but Navalny is clearly a master strategist. (However, one thing we never have much information on is Navalny’s specific politics. But given that his opposition is one of the most obvious villains in the world, positioning him as a figure who opposes to Putin and wants to break the wheel is enough in this context. .)

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