AIIMS-Patna cancels previous announcements and publishes new ones for 173 vacancies

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Patna has announced a new advertisement for 173 faculty positions against its sanctioned 305 positions, according to a recruitment advertisement posted on its website on August 5.

It also canceled the two previous faculty recruitment announcements of October 18, 2021 and February 18 this year for serious administrative shortcomings.

“Previous advertisements did not respect the booking list and recruitment rules. Moreover, some positions have been downgraded, without citing valid reasons, “explains a senior official familiar with the development.

No less than 43 professorships, 36 additional professorships, and 47 each associate professorship and assistant professorship were among the re-advertised positions, accounting for all pending vacancies.

“We have corrected the shortcomings of previous announcements and considered the reservation list for the new AIIMS as decided by the Nagarkar committee,” said Dr. GK Pal, who joined AIIMS-Patna as Executive Director. July 3.

He, however, refused to go into the shortcomings of previous advertisements.

“We have strictly implemented the recommendations of the Nagarkar committee when posting advertisements for faculty recruitment this time,” he said.

“We are the first to post a rolling announcement for the recruitment of full faculty across all disciplines, including specialty and subspecialty departments,” Dr. Pal added.

Continuous advertising means that faculty recruitment will be an ongoing process throughout the year and that the institute will continue to update its vacancies against its sanctioned positions.

The opening date for online applications is August 20. September 19 is the first deadline for applications and December 31 is the second deadline.

“We expect to complete the review of applications in September. By October, we plan to complete the faculty interview and have the new faculties in place by November this year,” Dr. Pal said.

AIIMS had inappropriately downgraded some faculty positions when posting previous announcements. This meant that senior faculty positions, say for example, a professorship, were not advertised despite the vacancy. Instead, a lower position, at the associate or assistant professor level, was advertised.

Many faculty members, including those in pediatrics, ophthalmology, orthopedics and pulmonary medicine, who had the required experience and were eligible for lateral entry to the next higher post, had objected after some vacant sanctioned positions have not been advertised.

Despite vacancies, the position of professor has not been advertised in certain departments such as cardio-thoracic vascular surgery, burns and plastic surgery, otolaryngology (ENT), pediatrics, traumatology and emergencies (emergency medicine), said a senior officer.

In some departments such as Pulmonary Medicine, the eligibility criteria for professorship have been raised to DM, a postgraduate medical degree in the relevant subspecialty subject, while selectively ignoring a few other departments, in favor of a handful of existing teachers, the officer quoted above said.

“This time, we have strictly followed the recruitment rules of AIIMS-Delhi, which is the parent institute for all new AIIMS,” said a senior official familiar with the recruitment process.

“The rules allow downgrading a position only when suitable candidates are not available for the higher position, after having advertised them. In such circumstances, the authorities must obtain permission either from the central body of the institute or from the president of the institute. No such procedure has been followed before at AIIMS-Patna,” the official added.

The institute had advertised 158 faculty positions in October 2021 and 11 positions in February this year.


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