Apple Fitness Challenge Award Shows How To Succeed With Incentives For Remote Employees


A fitness challenge is a good way for businesses to connect with their employees who might still be working remotely. It creates friendly competition among peers, promotes a healthy lifestyle and gives people the opportunity to talk about something other than their usual tasks.

It also creates a good opportunity for some branded goods as an incentive.

Apple created an employee fitness challenge based on the design of the Apple Watch exercise ring, where the user sets goals for standing time, exercise time, and calories burned, the ultimate result. being to “close your rings”.

This year, Apple is giving top performers in the Fitness Challenge a custom printed towel set with the design of the Apple Watch exercise ring, along with a card congratulating them on their hard work. Apple employee Elad Wertheimer posted a photo on LinkedIn.

The napkins are pretty neat on their own, but like most good promotional campaigns that involve sending products to people at home, the packaging shifts the aspect of brand identity to another. level.

Like most things Apple does, the design is minimal, but a 2D render of the closed rings represents the challenge perfectly and also serves as a nice little advertisement for what an Apple Watch can do.

The custom printed card also offers a personal touch, which can be difficult when employees are away from the office. When they receive this card with the napkins, it shows that their business cares about them especially and the prize they won is even more special.

Choosing towels also creates a long-term incentive to keep their exercise set alive even after the challenge is over, as they now have good towels to wipe away sweat, shower in the gym, or dry off after swimming a few lengths. .

Apple is good at a lot of things, but branding just might be at the top of the list.

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