Aspire Global to “revolutionize the way operators market their brands”


Aspire globally seeks to “revolutionize the way operators market their brands around the world today”, after enhancing the capabilities of its AspireCore gaming platform with the integration of a new “comprehensive” CRM system.

Named Aspire Engage, the customer data platform powered by Exponated, integrates a range of services with the aim of offering an improved player experience and greater customer satisfaction.

The system provides real-time marketing capabilities to enable operators to refine their approach to player engagement, including bonus management, personalized messaging and user segmentation.

In addition to providing CRM services to operators, AspireEngage will allow them to connect their own CRM tools to the platform, as well as provide a self-management interface.

“We are excited to launch AspireEngage and believe it will revolutionize the way operators market their brands today across the world,” explained Tsachi Maimon, CEO of Aspire Global.

“The real-time solution is incredibly easy to use and will provide operators with the ability to deliver sophisticated marketing techniques that will lead to a more personalized experience for customers.

“As we continue to grow and enter new markets, this integration serves to cement AspireCore as a true gateway platform to endless gaming opportunities. “

Aspire has recently worked to increase its global presence, with an expanded position in Latin America gained through platform and sports betting deals with operators. Betfair and Guillaume Hill in Colombia.

In addition, it has also strengthened its European presence with operator agreements in Portugal, Switzerland and Romania, and recently signed a platform and managed services agreement with an Irish group. Casino funfair, before being recruited by casinos and sports betting sites in view of his debut in the UK market

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