Ayers UM Internship Experience takes her to New York


Originally from Memphis, Molly Ayers, 21, is a senior in integrated marketing communications (IMC) with a minor in general affairs. She recently gave a presentation at the University of Mississippi Internship Experience. We asked him a few questions about the event and its goals.

Q. What is the UM internship experience for those who don’t know? What story did you tell about yourself at this event?

A: The Internship Experience is a preparatory class that provides a support system and resources to help with internship search. For the first semester, we spent the majority of our time on CV and LinkedIn work. We researched the cities we wanted to work in and started to compile a list of possible businesses to work for.

When applications opened, IE staff helped us with cover letters, interview preparation and sent us opportunities. It was actually Dr Kristina Phillips who sent me the application for the internship that I finally got. Plus, the IE program had already picked out accommodations in each city, which took a ton of pressure off me as I worked on my applications. I was the only student who chose NYC as my place, so I was a little worried about living there on my own for a few months.

Dr Laura Antonow, Gabby Coggin and Dr Phillips kept in constant contact with me as I made decisions and planned my trip. Dr Antonow stayed in town for several days to help me adjust, which saved my life.

Molly ayers

Q. What were your favorite journalism and BMI classes?

A. My favorite BMI class that I have taken is 104 with Scott Fiene and 306 with Brad Conaway. As a freshman in IMC 104, Scott Fiene introduced me to the concept of IMC in a way that absolutely convinced me that this was the major I wanted to pursue.

IMC 306 with Professor Conaway was about Internet Marketing. We have been using a social media marketing simulator the entire semester, and I consider this to be one of the most valuable projects of my college career so far. Day 273 Creative Visual Thinking was by far my favorite in this department. Professor Joe Abide’s class gave me a whole new set of skills including design and Photoshop. Its class is definitely the reason why I still pay for an Adobe subscription two years later.

Q. What are your plans or goals for the future? Dream job?

A: When I graduate, I would like to continue my work for GAPPA (Global Alliance of Partners for Pain Advocacy). I think they have such a strong and important mission and so much room to grow as an organization. Something I learned about myself this summer is that I love talking to people with unique stories and being able to share them. That being said, I think I would consider promotional marketing for nonprofits to be my dream job. My goals for the future are mostly to travel the world (this is where remote working would come in handy) but ultimately I know I want to move to New York.

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