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Reporters from different newsrooms meet to talk about the cases that kicked off the real-life crime story vehicle of Return to view. They reveal details that were covered in the respective episodes – and give us a better look at those cases.

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What made the cases Return to view Equipment?

Which cases made the biggest impression?

What’s next for the real-life crime storytelling podcast?

All of this … and more … are discussed in this episode of Return to view.

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Reporters from different newsrooms come together to talk about the cases that kicked off Return To View’s real-life crime story vehicle.


Episode synopsis / Show notes

The stories left a huge impression. Follow us as we dive into the minds of journalists. Hear how certain documents have marked us all. Hear some voiceovers that added to the narration. Find out which cases became compelling conversation pieces for those who sought them out.

Join us on this podcast journey as we return to see the cases that make up the Roundtable, Volume 1.

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Return To View is a narrative journey into crime. Host / producer Cole Johnson handles one case per month… only on the USA TODAY Network.


Return to view is an audio podcast journey that takes the listener into all areas of real crime. Stories from all cases are welcome as the pursuit of total justice continues. You will receive a compelling look at these mysteries both in the past and today. Together with hard-working journalists, we all strive to give you a comprehensive overview of the real crime stories that matter most to all of us.

If you have any questions regarding the show, you can reach us at [email protected].

New episodes of Return to view premieres on the last Wednesday of the month (unless otherwise specified).

All Return to view the episodes (except notification) are quality content for the USA TODAY network.

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Cole Johnson is a digital content producer with The USA TODAY Network – and host of the Real Crime Podcast ‘Return to view. ‘ Tweet it @hostcolejohnson.



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