Biden admin’s virtual embassy slammed Kamala Harris’ insensitive quote – ‘Shameful’ | World | News

The Farsi-translated quote was shared by the US State Department’s Persian Twitter (@USAbehFarsi). It was not shared or tweeted by Ms Harris on any of her social media accounts. The translated social media post, uploaded with an image of Ms Harris, read: “The truth is: there is racial discrimination in America.

“There is xenophobia in America. Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, everything exists. Addressing injustice wherever it is, the activity is ahead.

Several social media users lambasted the post, with many lashing out at Ms Harris knowing the tweet was not from her own account.

Harris’ original quote was said in May during the ceremony marking President Joe Biden’s signing of the COVID-19 hate crimes law, the White House confirmed to the New York Post.

Republican strategist Ron Nehring tweeted: “Kamala Harris tweets in the official language of Iran that the United States has a long list of problems.

“She thinks it makes her more enlightened. In this part of the world, he will be seen as projecting overwhelming weakness.

Former Republican Representative Scott Taylor tweeted: “We have democracy, free speech, rule of law and equality underneath.

“We have the capacity to evolve towards a more perfect union. None of this is true in Iran. This is a shameful tweet from our vice president.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also leapt at criticism, saying, “For Vice President Harris to suggest a moral equivalence between the Iranian regime’s desire to eliminate Israel and a national policy of gender apartheid with American equality before the law is truly dangerous and baseless. in reality.

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Its website claims to be the “primary official resource for the people of Iran to obtain information directly from the US government about US policy and US values ​​and culture”.

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