Bolsonaro targets executives with online ads on social programs


The Bolsonaro administration spent taxpayers’ money on online advertising aimed at business leaders to promote, among other measures, the emergency salary paid to informal workers who lost their income during the acute phases of the crisis. pandemic. The announcements appear on LinkedIn and also feature the acquisition of Covid-19 vaccines and Covid relief economic policies.

According to public documents obtained by Fiquem Sabendo, a nonprofit access to information organization, the ads cost 46,200 BRL ($ 8,545) just to be promoted. As of January 2020, the Citizenship Department has spent BRL 4.7 million on online advertising – campaigns related to the Emergency Salary Program account for 26% of the total. Although the government paid the benefits in 2020 and 2021, 82% of its total budget of BRL 357 billion was spent last year. Yet all the announcements praising the welfare program date back to 2021, with most of them coming out in July.

Coincidentally (or not), ads targeting business leaders appeared in late June, two weeks after a pollster recorded a 49% disapproval rate for administration Jair Bolsonaro among upper-class respondents.

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