Center Point Council Approves Media Proposal and Waste Exemptions

By Nathan Prewett, For La Tribune

CENTER POINT – During a meeting at the Community Center, Center Point City Council voted to reach an agreement with LRY Media and approved garbage payment exemptions for residents with disabilities.

Center Point Council on August 18, 2022. (Photo by Nathan Prewett)

City Hall is temporarily closed due to the discovery of mold and will be providing remote services. The council met at the Center Point Community Center on Sunhill Road.

The board reviewed a proposal from LRY Media on the provision of services such as website design, social media marketing strategies, strategic communications and others. The overall cost is estimated at $16,000.

“It’s an expensive process, and I understand they do a great job at what they do,” Mayor Bobby Scott said. “It’s really important for what we’re trying to accomplish for the city, but we have to expect to break a few eggs to make the cake.”

Then, we had to consider exemptions for the payment of garbage. Scott explained that in previous contracts there were special exemptions for people with disabilities that had to be approved by Jefferson County. However, the city’s current garbage collection service, Waste Management, does not accept exemptions.

“So instead of telling these residents that ‘you have to pay now’ and a lot of them are on fixed incomes and things like that, we wanted to put a proposal to the council to see if the council wanted to take over this cost moving forward for particular residents who have passed this county exemption,” Scott said.

The resolution was adopted unanimously.

After adopting the consent agenda items, the floor was opened to the public, where several spoke. The first was retail strategist Jeff Sommer, who spoke about recruiting retail and other businesses to the city.

“Our role is to use the demographics we have at our fingertips, the systems we have, our expertise in real estate, to identify the available assets on the ground here at Center Point – whether vacant space, raw land, something like that and then we use our contacts – locally, regionally and nationally – to go and recruit new retailers and bring new brands to market,” he said. he declares.

He pointed to possible national brands to bring to the city, such as a drive-thru cafe concept he said was gaining popularity, as well as clothing stores and a national sandwich chain. He also mentioned the Eastgate Mall and is in talks to bring businesses there.

Billy Hagood then expressed concern about several dogs his neighbor owns that he says were allowed to run around and confused him. He said the dogs were on his property and killed several of his cats, in addition to causing damage. Scott said he would be in touch with him to see what they can do.

In other cases counsel:

  • Established the use of electronic vote counting devices for the Center Point Special Election,
  • Authorized a liquor license for Brown Bag It which will be located at 1727 Center Point Parkway,
  • Allowed the city to join Alabama and other local governments in the Janssen Settlement (an opioid-related lawsuit),
  • Allowed the city to join Alabama and other local governments in the McKesson settlement (also related to the opioid lawsuit),
  • declared the mold-damaged items to City Hall as surplus and ordered their disposal, and
  • Awarding of a tender to TOA for the demolition of the sanctuary of the old Hilldale building for $117,000.

The Center Point City Council meets the first and third Thursdays of each month at City Hall located at 2209 Center Point Parkway.

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