Clix unveils the top 25 streaming leaders of ’21

LOS ANGELES–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Clix, the all-screen orientation guru for the best streaming movies and series of 2021, today unveiled its first annual list of the 25 best entertainment to watch across all genres and studios. The past year has been a creative cornucopia for fans: from the Marvel Star Wars Mandalorian spin-off on Disney + to Netflix thrillers Squid Game from Korea and Money Heist from Spain to one-off comedies The White Lotus on HBOMax and Only. Murders in the Building on Hulu. Music also took center stage with the Beatles documentary series directed by Peter Jackson Get Back on Disney + and Lin Manuel’s two hit streaming musicals Miranda Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! on Netflix and In the Heights on HBOMax.

Here are the top 25 Clix streaming leaders in 2021:


Squid Game: Hundreds of cash-strapped competitors compete in kids’ games for a life-changing prize – but the stakes are deadly. Netflix


Ted Lasso: A small American football coach is hired by an English professional football team. Optimism and comedy prevail. Apple TV +


Money Heist: A criminal mastermind known as “The Professor” leads a group of experts to carry out the greatest heists in history. Netflix


Mandalorian: After the fall of the Galactic Empire, the adventures of a lone gunman across the far reaches of a lawless galaxy. Disney +


Succession: An aging patriarch of a media conglomerate and his complicit clan vie for future control of the business empire. HBOMax


Bridgerton: The hit romance of Shonda Rhimes. Close-knit siblings seek love and happiness in the high society of old London. Netflix


Get Back: Three-part documentary by Peter Jackson on the last days of the Beatles. An intimate and remarkable fly-on-the-wall experience. Disney +


Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! : In his thirties, composer Jon Larson (Rent) aspires to love and success… before time runs out! Netflix


Queen’s Gambit: An orphaned chess prodigy battles addiction to become the world’s greatest chess player. Netflix


The Underground Railroad: After escaping from a Georgian plantation, a slave embarks on a heart-wrenching journey to find true freedom. Amazon Prime Video


The Morning Show: Aniston and Witherspoon wake up America as hosts of a politically dysfunctional network news program. Apple TV +


King Richard: Will Smith embodies the determined father of Venus and Serena. Her dynamism turns girls into world tennis stars. HBOMax


Wheel of Time: An epic fantasy world and a dangerous journey to discover the “Dragon Reborn” who will save or destroy humanity. Amazon Prime Video


Dopesick: Michael Keaton stars in a compelling true story of America’s struggle with pain and opioid addiction. Hulu


Goliath: A stranded ambulance chasing a lawyer fights massive injustice and deadly plots. The stars of Billy Bob Thornton. Amazon Prime Video


The Stewardess: Shocked and having a hangover, she wakes up to a dead man and no memory of what is about to change her life. HBOMax


Loki: Marvel’s take on the Norse God of Evil, and his alternate personalities, his adventures through time and space. Disney +


Eastown Mare: Kate Winslet as a small town police investigator into a brutal murder – as she tries to keep her life from falling apart. HBOMax


The White Lotus: Murder & Misadventures frames a wacky week in the lives of guests and workers at a tropical resort. HBOMax


Only Murders in the Building: Three New York City strangers obsessed with real crime turn to investigation and podcasting. Steve Martin, Selena Gomez and Martin Short star. Hulu


Foundation: Amid the fall of the Galactic Empire, a band of exiles travel to save humanity. Based on the novels of Isaac Asimov. Apple TV +


In The Heights: A Kaleidoscope of Dreams for a Better Life in the Bronx District brings this musical by Lin Manuel Miranda to life. HBOMax


Bosch: An LA homicide detective follows in the footsteps of corruption in a relentless search for suspicious deaths – and the truth. Amazon Prime Video


Hacks: A dark mentorship is forged between a legendary Las Vegas comedian and a licensed, outcast 25-year-old comedy writer. HBOMax


The Chairman: Sandra Oh as the first woman of color to lead a major university English department while meeting high expectations. Netflix

About Clix®

Clix is ​​a cross-platform streaming company at the crossroads of entertainment, e-commerce and technology. It’s free and available on all screens, including over 80 PLEX channels and 120 million homes via over-the-top (OTT). It reaches 100 million online viewers every month, and millions of viewers on as well as millions of users on its apps on Android and iOS. Clix excels at short, petite video episodes featuring social media influencers, celebrity athletes, chefs, comedians, eSports commentators, adventurers, and more. Its range of content covers hot trends, extreme sports, fashion and lifestyle, travel and adventure, humor, food and wellness, fitness, children’s affairs, and more. Clix is ​​also the advice guru for consumers, alerting them to the best series and movies on major streaming platforms, making it easier for viewers to find what they want to watch and to subscribe to major streaming services. . Clix is ​​an immersive, direct-to-consumer brand experience where viewers can watch, purchase and earn Clix cash rewards redeemable for branded products or for the charities they support.

Clix management team

Edward M. Sullivan is the founder and CEO of Clix. He has received multiple Emmy and Telly Awards for his marketing and branding in the entertainment industry at the helm of Pittard-Sullivan, which has launched and relaunched more than 200 channels worldwide, including CBS, ABC, Fox, HBO, Discovery Communications and DirecTV. Sullivan has been a catalyst in leading viewers to specific programs and networks for distributors, studios, content creators and advertisers. His company also worked closely with Jolna on branding and network-like interface development for Microsoft’s personal video recorder company TiVo and WebTV.

Stacy jolna, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, is the recipient of several News & Documentary Emmy Awards, the Cannes Lion and the Peabody Award. It has been at the crossroads of media and technology for three decades. As a founding member of the management team of TiVo, another successful industry disruptor, Jolna helped propel the company from concept to successful IPO and $ 1 billion market capitalization. dollars. He served as the Marketing Director for the creation of the iconic TiVo brand and the starting point of investments for nearly every major media company. He was executive vice president and general manager of News Corp / TV Guide’s digital television group. Executive of successful broadcast journalism before going digital, at Time Warner / CNN, he served as Senior Vice President and Senior Executive Producer for Special Reports and launched the award-winning “CNN Presents” program.

Patricia sullivan, Founder and Creative Director, is an award-winning entertainment industry entrepreneur who has established multiple production and post-production companies, from concept to multi-million dollar release. A seasoned Hollywood producer, her innovative productions have helped launch networks and television shows globally. Patricia has created movie trailers that saw opening weekend box office revenue above the $ 100 million mark for studios like Disney. Patricia’s work has won top awards including ATAS (Emmy), NY Film Festival, Monitor, Belding, BDA, Houston Film Festival, Gracie and Telly.

Bill Bradham, Founder and Head of Business Development, is a seasoned business advisor and strategist, successfully advising over 250 small, medium and large companies. By advising Protron Electronics, the company generated revenues of $ 800 million in worldwide sales in its first fiscal year. Proficient in knowing how to develop a company’s business through effective market research, marketing, branding and sales programs, Bill builds teams, negotiates and raises funds. Bradham has negotiated over $ 13 billion in commercial contracts, raised over $ 600 million for various business ventures and over $ 130 million for various national charitable causes.

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