Cody Johnson continued to work despite a pinched nerve from a rodeo injury

Singer-songwriter Cody Johnson has quickly become one of country music’s biggest talents. He went from a series of self-produced albums with increasing success to a major label debut in 2016. From there, his career followed a rapid trajectory to mega-stardom.

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The road to this success has not been easy. His bet on himself goes beyond self-funding his decade-long recording career. In a field filled with hard workers, Johnson takes it to another level. His admiration for former outlaw country artists drives him to tour tirelessly – even when his body tries to tell him not to.

Cody Johnson believes in hard work at all times

Johnson’s work philosophy is, essentially, to never stop grinding. Her biggest single to date, “Til You Can’t,” is a hymn to this stance on life. As the title suggests, the themes are not subtle. Keep working towards your goals in life, as hard as you can, “until you can’t anymore.” Otherwise, you are letting life pass you by.

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“We have a younger generation, I think in this country right now it’s kind of like ‘give me, I owe, I owe something,'” the country star said. Audacity. “Let me tell you something, no one owes you anything in this life. If you want something, you have to go get it.

This describes his career arc by any metric. It is also a philosophy that he considers important to pass on to his children. He even demonstrated exactly what he meant to his fans. Before the promotional cycle of Til You Can’t” completely relaxed, he headed to the studio to record a Christmas album, A Cody Johnson Christmas. He even involved his family in the project.

Johnson followed his own advice and continued to play despite injury and illness

Johnson’s insistence on working as hard as possible was tested in a very direct way. According to taste of country, he is even ready to work on chronic pain and illness. He believes the key to real success – and satisfaction in life itself – is learning to overcome anything.

Throughout his last tour, Johnson endured excruciating pain from a pinched nerve. He says it broke out as a long-term effect of an “old rodeo injury.” Rather than cancel dates, he postponed treatment until the end of the tour.

As if that weren’t enough, one of life’s recurring disasters on the road came for Johnson on the same tour. He ended up getting food poisoning and suffered a nasty salmonella attack. But that didn’t lead to any cancellations either. “I had to explain to my daughters that sometimes, even when you’re sick, you have to go out and go to work,” said the hard-working Texas singer.

Johnson’s family is always nearby, even when he’s on the road

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When Johnson hits the road, he matches the hard work ethic of his outlaw idols. But that’s where the similarities between him and his hero Willie Nelson end. The list reports that he does not adopt the heavy drinking and drug-using lifestyle that some artists of his genre tend to.

Instead, he takes his family on the road. This includes his wife, Brandi, and their two daughters Clara Mae and Codi. He calls his tour bus “the million-dollar daycare center” because it’s designed entirely to take young children with it.

Johnson makes sure to keep the kids up late every once in a while, so they can see him on stage performing. It’s not about how much the crowd loves it, though. The goal is for them to understand that their father works to support them, so they don’t take their lifestyle for granted.

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