Converseon appoints Mohammad Hamid chief analyst as senior strategist

New York, NY, October 20, 2021 – ( – Converseon, the leading AI-based consulting and technology company that turns conversation data into predictive insights, has appointed Mohammad Hamid as head of analysis, as senior strategist. Hamid will play a key role in the development and deployment of a new reputation-driven solution, “Social Reputation Referral System”, which is powered by the world’s best natural language processing and artificial intelligence technology. machine learning from Converseon. His appointment has been effective since October 1.

“I am delighted to be working with Rob Key and the Converseon team, true pioneers in the field of social analysis. Few companies have brought together deep industry expertise, robust machine learning capabilities, and versatile visualizations that can serve both strategic and tactical audiences. By cultivating these elements together, Converseon makes the transition to strategic, data-driven communications easier. There is no doubt: this is the future, ”said Hamid.

Recently, the company has made significant progress with its Conversus.AI automatic NLP platform which has created harmony between data scientists and general analysts, allowing immediate deployment in many major social listening platforms. , management and business intelligence. The new reputation-driven solution will leverage all of Converseon’s existing solutions, including real-time social data feeds, pre-built high-performance linguistic classification models, advanced predictive analytics and advanced visualization. The solution is designed to provide organizations with unique predictive “reputation intelligence” in an age when even real time isn’t always fast enough.

Mo’s perspective on the future of PR measurement is widely informed by the Institute for Public Relations, where he chairs the Measurement Commission. Previously, Mo ran Unison, a tech company that operated at the intersection of social listening / media monitoring, reputation measurement and predictive analytics – ultimately providing critical insights to the Director of Communications, Director marketing and directors of sustainable development. Throughout his career he has worked with leading brands in the energy, mobility, medical and technology industries.

“I am very proud to welcome Mo to Converseon. His background in reputation measurement and his experience as a consultant to the marketing directors and marketing directors of the Fortune 500 make him a natural part of the team. We look forward to working with Mo to build next generation reputation capabilities that are in high demand for this polarizing environment, ”said Rob Key, Founder and CEO of Converseon.

For nearly 15 years, Converseon has been a recognized leader in AI-powered intelligence and social listening intelligence. Frequently cited as an industry leader by key analysts, the company’s Converus.AI ™ technology is the first machine learning platform as a service platform designed specifically for social data and customer voice. The platform integrates with a range of leading platforms for businesses requiring increased accuracy, flexibility and control over their data. Converseon provides a full suite of technology, advice and information to leading brands around the world to help them harness the full value of their social intelligence and voice of the customer for competitive advantage.

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