Cookie Run Kingdom Needs These Ovenbreak Characters


Cookie Run Kingdom is a continuation of the tradition established in the previous title of Devsisters, Cookie Run Ovenbreak. The story in both games follows a group of sentient cookies who have escaped baking alive in the oven of a group of witches and travel the world of Earthbread in order to find an all-cookie heaven.

Although there are history differences between Cookie Run Kingdom and Ovenbreak, many characters and their goals remain the same. For this reason, there are a lot of characters from Oven break that appear in Kingdom and vice versa. With the heaviness of the series, however, there are a lot more cookies that need to come from the Kingdom side.

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At the moment there are cookies from Oven break which are already confirmed to be added to Kingdom. This includes the rest of the legendary cookies consisting of Wind Archer Cookie, Moonlight Cookie, Fire Spirit Cookie and Millennial Tree Cookie, as they appeared in the promotional video for Cookie Run Kingdompre-registration of. Evidence of Matcha Cookie appearing in a future update has also been revealed by data miners.

Starfruit cookie

Carambola and Pom Cookie Run Ovenbreak

First appearance in the Battle for Fate update in Cookie Run Ovenbreak, Starfruit Cookie is a magical oracle from the Starlight Hall of Fame. She suffers from self-confidence issues which make her easy to manipulate with kind words.

During her introductory event, Starfruit Cookie finds herself growing increasingly attached to Pomegranate Cookie, a cookie that serves the Evil Enchantress. Granada, however, takes advantage of her kindness and desire for friendship and taints the source of the nebula after being suspicious. Starfruit Cookie is left broken and betrayed, with only the vision of GingerBrave and his friends serving as possible hope for the future.

Chess choco cookie

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Chess Choco Cookie

Despite the title of Chess Choco Cookie, this cookie is actually two different cookies that are one. They are twins named Pawn White Cookie and Pawn Black Cookie. Both are confirmed to be survivors of the Dark Chocolate Kingdom. For this reason, they very much admire Dark Choco Cookie.

The two cookies were tasked with trapping GingerBrave and her forever friends in the Grandmaster Hotel alongside Earl Gray Cookie. The butler’s dedication to his job, however, kept the heroes going. Served under Dark Enchantress Cookie, however, the twin cookies have a lot of potential to wreak havoc in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Roguefort biscuit

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Roguefort Cookie Promo

Named after and made with Roquefort cheese, Roguefort Cookie is a phantom thief who steals gems, works of art, and even hearts. They leave a business card to announce their future break-up and always get away with it.

Because of Roguefort’s hijackings, they made enemies of Almond Cookie and his daughter, Walnut Cookie. The two detectives have, however, helped the thief in the past, but after a false accusation almost led to Roguefort’s actual capture. No Cookie seems to know Snapefort’s true identity, but they take great pleasure in playing with those who attempt to hunt them down.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is available on Android and iOS devices.

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