Creative Energy hires a strategist from a major agency who wanted to come home

Bradley Eshbach, new vice president and general manager of Creative Energy

Bradley Eshbach, new vice president and general manager of Creative Energy

JOHNSON CITY, TN, USA, March 17, 2022 / — Creative Energy, an East Tennessee-based creative marketing and advertising company, recently recruited Bradley Eshbach as its new vice president and General manager. A native of Johnson City, Bradley has spent over a decade of his career as a creative strategist and cultural consultant at some of the nation’s fastest growing agencies including; Havas Chicago, Match Marketing Group, Razorfish and SOCIALDEVIANT. Bradley’s core passion is helping brands become patrons of the cultures they often appropriate and unleashing the power of a truly engaged community of loyal advocates.

“I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of working with brands facing complex business issues, translating them into a human story that creatives can explore,” Bradley said. “A strategist’s real job is to set the stage for the magic to happen. To dig under the rocks, connect the dots, and help brands reinvent their future.”

Bradley developed his passion for compelling consumer storytelling at East Tennessee State University (ETSU), located in Johnson City among the ancient rolling Appalachian Mountains. He has developed his expertise helping global brands turn passive audiences into fully engaged fandoms. He’s done it all, from helping Coca-Cola build a world-class social agency embedded in its ATL headquarters to helping Amazon fuel the biggest hiring spree in Coca-Cola’s history. humanity.

In 2020, Bradley and his wife opted for a porch swing and backyard during a Chicago winter lockdown, moving back to Johnson City. Like many successful creatives, changes to the way we work allowed him to take stock of his own career and reprioritize the things that were most important to him in order to continue investing his time, energy and passion. . As he led global presentations with his team at Havas (from his office in Appalachia), he began to notice new insights and behaviors that stemmed from simply living in a community that mirrors the consumers that many brands wish to engage. “The work I did last year is much more engaging than anything I’ve done before because I’m not talking to a random target audience – I’m talking to my neighbors!”

“I was constantly getting questions from my peers in Chicago, New York and other big cities about why I was moving to a small town,” Eshbach said. “They thought I was less crazy and wondered more if I knew something they didn’t. People started envisioning this new paradigm where they could have the career they had always wanted while making a big impact on a community that mattered to them. I’ve literally had people ask me “how can I find a small town that’s right for me?” ”

Tony Treadway, owner and CEO of Creative Energy, began meeting with Bradley about his agency and the work they were doing to find out if there was any synchronicity in the vision they both shared. Tony explained, “When Bradley and I first started meeting, I was so thrilled to hear him explain the same things I’ve been telling global clients for years about our Johnson City-based agency. We’ve always believed that great creative work comes from professionals who live the life they want to live, in a place that matters to them centrally. Bradley and I share a passion for this region which I believe can create amazing creative work for brands of all sizes.

During their conversations, Bradley and Tony began to structure a vision for the future of Creative Energy – and more broadly for the East Tennessee region as a whole. Bradley has been offered the opportunity to join us as an executive leader to help Creative Energy begin preparing for the agency’s next phase of substantial growth.

“I know Creative Energy as a local agency from my days at ETSU,” Bradley said. “When I met Tony and started reviewing the work they were doing for their clients, I was incredibly impressed with the quality of their creative work and the content they were producing as agency. They were doing things that I know much bigger agencies have been trying to create for years and haven’t been able to put together. I knew this agency had the ingredients to become a global player working with some of the biggest brands on the planet, and I also knew I would love the opportunity to be a part of them.

As Vice President and General Manager of Creative Energy, Bradley will begin to organize and grow the team needed for Creative Energy to attract the next level of brands to the agency. His expertise in branding and cultural marketing will help him educate and empower the creative team so they can put their award-winning skills to work for a new class of aggressive and fearless brand leaders.

“I feel like I’ve developed a skill set throughout my career toward that goal,” said Eshbach, “I’m obsessed with what makes an agency excel in our new culture and our new business environment. I am thrilled and honored to have the chance to set the course for the next era of Creative Energy, proving that a place like Johnson City is not a compromise, but can in fact be one of the most powerful assets to help customers create their best brand work ever.

Bradley shared his vision for the evolution of the advertising industry, explaining, “The agencies that will win the next decade will be far away and will come from places you least expect. The seismic shifts in the way we work over the past 24 months have leveled the playing field. With geographic constraints removed, an entire generation of talent is now taking the reins, centering their lives where they want to personally thrive. You no longer have to uproot yourself and move to one of the few homogenized metros where the industry lives to succeed. And, I don’t think holding companies, private equity, or out-of-the-box billionaire owners pay enough attention to it. How many times in this industry have you been in a room full of designers wearing $1,000 hoodies as they debated how to sell trash bags to a family of 5 in Salt Lake? This dog will not hunt.

From our home in Mountain South, Creative Energy is building a new kind of agency of diverse and dispersed talent who live, breathe and create in the communities our clients serve.

“In an industry that can often seem inhuman, where the soul of your agency matters,” Bradley concluded.

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About Creative Energy – Creative Energy is a communications agency focused on creating cult followings for brands in the following areas: brand and corporate strategy, design and identity, advertising, media planning and buying, digital and social media, integrated content and video production, audience relations, research, analysis and social listening. Based in Johnson City, TN, we proudly claim as a destination agency, located in the very heart of adventure. Founded in 1992, Creative Energy works with global, US and regional brands across many industries. For more information about the company and its customers, visit

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