Doing so much with so little: an interview with Jonas Dekkers

Meet Jonas Dekkers, Co-Founder and CEO of Complit Networks, our Extreme Champion of the Quarter

Hi Jonas, congratulations to the entire Complit team on your title of Specialized Grand Master Partner! What were your main drivers for obtaining it?

The three core values ​​of our company are our competent team, which provides excellent service to our customers and drives innovation. Thorough knowledge of Wi-Fi networks, especially Extreme products, is very important to us in order to provide our customers with the best service and quality.

This is our main reason to go get the certificates. Of course, the discounts are also a good bonus. We also attach great value to neutral certificates from suppliers such as CWNP. One of our colleagues is one of 450 CWNEs around the world.

So how does partnering with Extreme support your business goals?

There are only a few Diamond partners in Belgium. I think we are one of the smallest but also one of the best. We are very proud of our status. This status assures new customers that we are a reliable partner of Extreme and that we work closely with them. Achieving Diamond status with a relatively small team like ours is nothing short of amazing.

Extreme is the most important brand in our portfolio. We really like the ease of use, the quality of the products, and the ExtremeCloud IQ management portal. With XIQ, we have a very powerful tool to manage all of our clients and that gives us a very good overview of our client networks. The price-performance ratio is incredible. I think we can tie 80% or more of our revenue to Extreme projects. So, as you can imagine, Extreme is very important to our business.

Complit doubled its sales with Extreme products in just one year. How did you achieve such rapid business growth?

Our in-depth knowledge and innovative products have helped us grow our revenue so quickly. For example, using the Extreme APIs, we have developed Wiflex, a simple and secure integration solution for visitors and employees. We use the PPSK feature and link it to a tablet recording solution for visitors or to Azure and Google Workspace to onboard employees. We are unique in the market with this solution and Wiflex has proven to be a USP for us by winning projects. Even other Extreme partners and customers use our Wiflex solution.

Our other competitive advantage? We respond quickly to changing market needs. For example, the AP305C media was not available for a while, so we produced our own media. Some APs are having delivery issues due to lack of chips, so we are doing an update for our customers.

Wiflex is a cloud-based solution. How much do you think the cloud sector in Belgium will grow over the next few years?

We started with Wi-Fi over seven years ago and I think we only sold one project with a controller and all the other projects were cloud solutions without a controller. Cloud solutions are so easy to deploy and maintain. Extreme, and this goes back to Aerohive, knew this and is therefore many years ahead of the competition.

What brings the Complit team together to be successful?

We are all passionate about Wi-Fi and share a common goal: to provide quality to our customers. Having our minds focused in the same direction makes us a really great team. That and maybe our corporate trips and office hobbies like the PlayStation or darts.

You are really creative when you approach your audience … Tell us more.

We really love our job and want to translate that joy into our marketing activities. For the UEFA EURO 2020 tournament, we personalized the official ball with our logo and sent it to our customers. The whole team (including our colleague Hans Matthé) had a lot of fun making the promotional videos. Customers really appreciated the gift.

What achievement are you most proud of?

For Complit, this would be the Colruyt Agreement. Colruyt is one of the largest retailers in Belgium, possibly even in Europe. It’s very cool to see how happy they are to work with a small business like ours.

As for Wiflex, we signed our first university in the United States a month ago. The university also uses Extreme solutions. I love it when an organization so far from us uses the software that we are developing. It means it’s proven.

What is your dream project or client?

Our dream client is a large company that trusts us 100% and chooses our Wireless-as-a-Service solution. They will pay a fixed fee per access point each month and we will do everything, and I mean everything, for their Wi-Fi network. Site study, configuration, validation study, monitoring, troubleshooting etc., everything is included in the price.

And of course, they also use our Wiflex solution to onboard their visitors and BYOD.

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