Don’t reach your sales goals without it


One of the biggest mistakes I made in my nearly 40 years of sales was setting and achieving my sales goal. What followed was catastrophic and almost fatal (career-wise, that is).

At the time, I brokered forms (continuous invoices, statements, checks), printed matter, labels, packaging and promotions. My office was in the freezing basement of my house (I’d love to go back to that and think about how far I’ve come, but my office is still in the basement. The only difference is that it’s a much nicer house and I have heat this time).

As the business grew, I thought to myself, “I wonder if I can hit $ 1 million in sales. “

The more I thought about it, the harder my resolve. It took me four years, but I did. I went from zero to $ 1 million in sales.

But then… Catastrophe!

I woke up the day I realized I had achieved my goal and had the strangest feeling – nothingness.

I was not motivated.

It happens to all salespeople from time to time so I didn’t really think about it… until that jaded attitude continued into the next day and into the day after.

Days have turned into weeks.

I was stuck in a rut of my own making; the one I couldn’t move from.

It took me a long time to realize my mistake:

I had focused all my attention on achieving my goals. I had no plan for what to do next.

That is, I was so focused on my goal that I didn’t think about it at all.

What saved me was print on demand (or, as it’s called today, digital printing). My curiosity overcame my boredom and I set out in pursuit of this new technology.

Do you have sales targets?

Is there an amount you are aiming for?

Have you given any thought to what happens if you achieve these goals?

The central question here is motivation. It’s important to understand what the title of Marshall Goldsmith’s bestseller, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There” can sum up.

In a quiet time and in a quiet place, sit down with your thoughts, a pen, and a pad of paper. Visualize success. You have reached your sales goal. Now come up with some ideas for what to do next.

Will you strive to do more?

Will you be hoping for a new opportunity?

I can’t promise you that you will lose your motivation like I did, but I can promise you that if you do, it will be the most dismal success you have ever had.

Start planning for your success – and what follows – today.

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