Editorial manager and content producer

VOID is now open for a full-time Editorial Manager and Content Producer based in Byron.

This unique impact-focused position is for a human who deeply considers the art of conversation and believes in the mission of making humanity feel more human. It is also imperative that the position be filled by someone with an innate understanding of aesthetic and bespoke sensory experiences, to translate our pillars of art, play, sex, love and healing to a dimension to another. You will enjoy working in a dynamic and fast-paced environment where creativity is encouraged. You will also have a direct interest in the metaverse and the approach of new technological integrations to energize the art of storytelling.

This is an opportunity for a talented multimodal storyteller willing to be part of an entrepreneurial and community culture. The ideal person is someone who is excited about the unsaid and willing to take creative and impactful risks to create real social change. You’ll have strong insights into cutting-edge content that generates a visceral response and take the lead in writing, creating and managing content feeds for the brand with social integrations. You will work closely with the core team, including the Managing Director, Head of Culture Creation and Retention, to develop innovative brand expansion strategies, refine ideas, cultivate sources, report on analyzes and coordinate the writing and deployment of articles. You will be passionate about building and maintaining quality systems and processes around editorial ideation and brand consistency.

You will be responsible for assigning and editing articles that will include first-person narratives, visual essays, and thoughtful explorations through a growth lens. VOID is the home of real-world commentary on the highs and lows of culture, celebrating community with a wide range of voices, opinions, and experiences. Your role at VOID will allow you to discern which conversations are the right ones to have, in the right way, told by the right people and at the right time to keep us ahead of the game.


This talented storytelling unicorn will have:

  • 3+ years of relevant editorial experience in a major publication or media house/website, with a focus on youth culture
  • A VOID tone of voice: relatable, educated, provocative, sympathetic, inclusive and creative
  • Strong and established network of editorial contributors – working on our pillars of art, sex, love, play and healing – and experience editing the work of others
  • Experience with top-notch content strategy, including creating editorial calendars, creating and curating unique content for our audience
  • Strong SEO knowledge and experience
  • Proven track record in audience growth on the web and social media
  • Ability to innovate across various communication channels including social media (Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter), website, media, EDM, podcasts, events, etc.
  • Experience identifying cultural trends and driving content ideas
  • Thorough understanding and experience of all social media platforms, operating procedures and posting principles
  • Willingness to juggle multiple projects, manage change and jump into last minute tasks
  • Podcast experience is a plus

The ideal person

  • Has an unwavering desire to drive progressive conversations in youth culture and create a digital destination space open to those who seek a deeper connection with themselves, others and the world around them
  • Has a deep respect for personal and collective well-being
  • Is an enterprising individual who is comfortable working both collaboratively, independently and autonomously to meet deadlines
  • Is very creative. Channel Void has a creative approach to all things, concepts and copy
  • Has impeccable grammar and literacy, an eagle eye for mistakes and is super organized
  • Has great attention to detail. Excellent proofreading, sub-editing and fact-checking
  • Is a confident communicator, a great listener and enjoys nurturing relationships
  • Understanding and interest in current affairs, music, art, sex, health and counterculture
  • Has a personal online presence

Any day you could

  • Ideate and create highly shareable short and long-form content (e.g. posts, articles, polls) that resonates with our audience
  • Manage contributors and edit contributor articles in a timely manner
  • Manage the monthly content plan and monitor, track and report on performance and recommend initiatives to improve efficiency
  • Drive the community, working alongside the Culture Curator, Marketing Manager and Social Media Coordinator to engage online and take part in conversations on behalf of the brand and our Goal Keepers
  • Manage the resume writing team and recruit new contributors
  • Work with the sales team as needed to create sponsored content
  • Work with the marketing team to push articles most likely to drive traffic


  • Bachelor’s degree (journalism/marketing/communications) or related discipline
  • Solid knowledge of a range of digital platforms including WordPress, Shopify, Google Ad Manager, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Analytics, Active Campaign and G-Drive
  • Daily use of Monday.com, Later.com, WordPress
  • Technology-focused and passionate about innovative ways to market the business, such as text EDM or Metaverse integration
  • A strong link with young brands
  • Ability to work well with others
  • Ability to take criticism and work well under pressure
  • Dynamism, communication and problem solving in a fast-paced environment

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Channel Void is an inclusive workplace. We embrace diversity, celebrate our differences and inspire everyone to be authentic at work. We strive to reflect the communities we represent, so we encourage applications from diverse groups
  • We realize that there are still a number of employment barriers for some potential candidates from a variety of backgrounds. We can provide training and mentorship to new hires from underrepresented backgrounds. We work with our team to create mutual respect in the workplace and view this as an ongoing, long-term commitment.

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