Englishwoman fired for making Euro 2020 semi-final while on sick leave gets new job


The English football fan who was fired for going to watch the Euro 2020 semi-final in the stadium while on sick leave has a new job created just for her since she was hired as an expert football for Pizza Express.

The British restaurant group jumped at the chance to recruit Nina Farooqi (pictured left) as “PizzaExpress Pundit” to comment on their social media.

As to why a pizza company even needs a full color commentator, customer manager Shadi Halliwell did not explain but simply said Farooqi, 37, would deliver an “ongoing comment with a difference”.

And the new employer already liked what they were seeing in Farooqi, which is why they rushed over.

“When we saw this passionate football fan, Nina, take a sick person out for the big semifinal, she had our respect,” said Halliwell.

“We knew we wanted her to be part of our own line-up somehow and that’s when we developed our own ‘PizzaExpress Pundit’.”

Caught on camera celebrating with glee

Farooqi’s absenteeism was noticed internationally when she was filmed gleefully celebrating Harry Kane’s game-winning goal in England’s victory over Denmark.

The former digital content producer had lied about being sick just to watch the game after her friend won last-minute tickets in a ballot that put them behind the goal post.

His former employer, the composite decking company Composite Prime, quickly fired Farooqi.

“I received no sympathy and they said that was it,” she said.

“This is their call and the consequence of what I have done.”

I will do it again

But the media coverage that followed and the new job put an end to the bittersweet end turned sweet.

While she regretted the incident, Farooqi said she would do it again.

“I would have hated the regret to miss it.”

Composite Prime explained their decision after the dismissal: “Unfortunately, on this occasion, our employee lied, taking a day off sick to attend the football game on Wednesday July 7th.”

“It was in violation of his employment contract so we had no choice but to take the appropriate action.”

“As a company, we value honesty and integrity, and we do not tolerate any employee who takes advantage of our policies. “

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