Every The Last of Us Part 1 screenshot revealed so far

After being one of the worst kept secrets in video games, The last of us part 1The release of is almost here. By the time September 2 rolls around, PS5 owners will have access to the classic post-apocalyptic thriller in its latest incarnation.

Despite September approaching, Naughty Dog still keeps its cards close to its chest. To date, only one official cinematic trailer for The last of us part 1 hit the internet. Even though the studio’s game went dark after its Summer Game Fest debut, fans were able to spill plenty of screenshots from the game.


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Ellie’s Updated Look

Along with the game’s trailer, which recreates some of the marketing videos promoting the original PS3 game, Naughty Dog has released several screenshots. It won’t come as a surprise that Ashley Johnson’s Ellie is the star of most of these photos. The first, which features the young protagonist holding a bolt-action shotgun, does a particularly good job of showing off the graphical enhancements to the game’s iconic cutscenes.

Ride a horse

In most post-apocalyptic stories, when society has collapsed, people seek out different modes of transportation. For many would-be survivors, horses end up being the most reliable alternative to gasoline and electric vehicles. It is hardly surprising then that The last of us leaned into this idea, as evidenced by a screenshot for the upcoming PS5 remake. What’s most striking about this image are the lighting improvements that Naughty Dog has clearly made to the game.

Drive through Boston

When The last of us part 1 launches on PS5, this will be the third time Naughty Dog’s groundbreaking adventure has been released on a PlayStation console. Even though fans have fully unpacked the game on PS3 and PS4, one of the upcoming game’s screenshots demonstrates its ability to surprise. The scene where Ellie, Joel and Tess cross between two skyscrapers is as graphically impressive as some of the brand new games released on Sony’s latest console.

Ellie facial capture

Even though motion capture technology has become one of the AAA gaming industry standards, Naughty Dog was one of the first studios to actively embrace it. It is for this reason that the beginning Unexplored games and originals The last of us always look good. It’s clear from Ellie’s updated face model in the upcoming remake that the studio hasn’t stood still from a technical standpoint. Naughty Dog was able to take the captured footage for the PS3 version and update it so the characters look more like their real-world actors.

Ellie and Joel together

One of the goals reported by Naughty Dog regarding The last of us part 1 was to create a modernized experience that unified the series. Although it remains to be seen how the updated game plays, at least from a visual standpoint. Part 1 seems to be up to the 2020s the last of us 2.

car sharing

Thanks to much of the promotional material being screenshots, most observations that can be made about the game will center around its visual fidelity. Images like the one where Ellie and Joel are sitting together in a car prove that there is a lot to analyze in this department. As well as showing how photorealistic the game is, this screenshot does a great job of showing off the depth of field improvements Naughty Dog has made to the experience.

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Ellie the hunter

Even though Aloy has become the poster child for PlayStation protagonists with a bow, Ellie is also a competent archer. What’s arguably more impressive about this particular screenshot for The last of us part 1 is attention to detail. Besides looking like a clear generational improvement from the game’s PS4 remaster, the image does a great job of showing how realistic snow will behave in the remake when it falls on Ellie’s clothes.

Ellie and Riley

During the promotional campaign of The last of us part 1, Naughty Dog pointed out how the PS5 remake is the definitive version of its story. It’s no surprise that the excellent “Left Behind” DLC is included in the experience. While it remains to be seen whether the expansion will feed directly into the single-player narrative, players can expect to relive the relationship between Ellie and Riley.

Part 1 Environments

Beyond its storytelling prowess, Naughty Dog has earned a reputation for creating highly detailed environments. Some of the studio’s work in Uncharted 4 is still considered the most believable and lived-in place in gaming. This will not shock players who The last of us part 1 will feature equally impressive environmental design, as evidenced by the run-down mall that Ellie and Riley visit during the Left Behind expansion.

Ellie and David

Considering how loved The last of us series has become, it’s understandable that Naughty Dog has been reluctant to mess with the order of Part 1the story. Even some of the most uncomfortable and challenging sections of the original game, such as those featuring Nolan North’s David, are confirmed.

Joel’s new look

For the last of Part 1Official Naughty Dog screenshots highlight improvements to Joel’s character model. Beyond aligning the protagonist’s age with their appearance in the last of us 2, the updated model also looks a bit more like her real-world actor Troy Baker. While some fans have questioned the studio’s decision to age a few characters, a compelling case can be made that it adds some extra credibility.

Part 1 Trailer

Thanks to the first trailer of The last of us part 1, numerous screenshots circulating online were taken from the video. Several anime side-by-sides have also been released online. As well as offering more direct comparisons between the PS5 game and its PS3 original, these serve to highlight just how much attention the studio paid to detail in its creation. Considering how Naughty Dog will also have to show gameplay improvements, fans can hope for more media to be released soon.

The last of us part 1 releases September 2 on PS5.

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