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AGARTALA: The Trinamool Congress asserted Monday that party leaders were in contact with the mainstays of the ruling BJP and the opposition CPM and Congress and expected major defections in the coming days.
Defection of opposition parties is common in Tripura these days, but desertion of dispensation from power is a new trend in the state.
The Trinamool Congress entered Tripura without any preparation during the last week of July, when the I-PAC team of poll strategist Prashant Kishor was held in a hotel for three days, although there was indications that the TMC would make inroads into the state after Mamata Banerjee formed government for the third time in Bengal in May this year. Trinamool’s arrival shook the BJP-IPFT government and gave momentum to the anti-BJP alliance.
Although the Trinamool Congress does not have a party office in Tripura and not even a leader, thousands of people and a few nationalist politicians like Subal Bhowmik have joined the party.
Besides politicians, TMC is also in contact with well-known figures and hopefully during the first week of September the party will be able to announce its state committee and political agendas by keeping an eye on the next Assembly ballots in 2023.
“TMC’s zero-balance account in Tripura has now reached around five lakh supporters in the past three months after winning the West Bengal election, bolstered by attacks on TMC leaders by the BJP and unauthorized interference in their activities by the state police. said a senior BJP official and added that the central BJP leadership did not take him kindly.
With the growth of Trinamool, dissent within the ruling BJP widened further. Sources said that during the first half of next month a large number of lawmakers and BJP leaders are expected to join the TMC unless the BJP replaces Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb and party chairman, Dr Manik Saha, under whose leadership the party gained a bad reputation across the country recently, said the BJP leader.
Meanwhile, the rumblings in Congress intensified even after the resignation of interim CPC chairman Pijush Biswas was withdrawn within 12 hours of leaving the post and the party. Reacting to the withdrawal, a senior congressional official said: “This is only a temporary measure as it will eventually have to make way for a new incumbent.”
He also recalled that a delegation from Congress, led by Biswas, had met as a delegation with Chief Minister Deb who had filmed the entire meeting. The meeting was later broadcast on social media and Deb was allegedly overheard saying, “Mr. Biswas, I did everything he asked me to do, including transfer and posting. Which put the party in an embarrassing position.
Sources in Congress said Biswas stopped hoping for a prominent Trinamool post, but was rejected after TMC executives learned of his close association with the Chief Minister, the Minister of Law and the main leaders of the BJP. Today, Biswas is basing its hopes on an offer of the post of attorney general by the state government, as the incumbent opposed the government’s position to justify violence in court.

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