FHSU Recognizes Faculty and Staff for Academic Excellence

Dr. Kim Perez, Dr. Amber Nickell, and Hollie Marquess of FHSU’s Department of History.

University Communication FHSU

Fort Hays State University hosted its first Engaged Scholars Breakfast on Friday, April 22. A collaboration between Forsyth Library, University Communications and the Provost’s Office, the event was created to recognize faculty and staff whose work has expanded scholarly conversation in their fields. of expertise. Recognized individuals have made significant contributions to the university’s mission in four areas: open educational resources (OER), most downloaded content, scholarly news, and thought leadership.

In the OER category, three campus academic departments were recognized for their success in reducing course material costs by identifying freely available course materials and other zero-cost course materials. in the areas of growth, innovation and impact. The Department of Leadership Studies has been recognized for a significant expansion in the use of OER materials in its courses. The Department of Higher Education Programs was recognized in the “Innovation” category. The Department of Nursing was identified as the team that had the most impact with its OER improvements.

Downloads from the university’s scholarly repository total approximately 1 million, demonstrating the tremendous global reach and impact of the scholarly work of FHSU faculty, staff, and students. The top producers of uploaded content from each of the university’s five colleges were recognized in this second category. Dr. Robert Lloyd of Robbins College of Business and Entrepreneurship was the first uploaded content producer.

FHSU recognized the achievements of faculty and staff who created content shared through a college news program launched in fall 2021. The university recognized more than 30 faculty and staff for their contributions in this category .

In the final category, 22 faculty and staff were honored for their work in advancing the university’s reputation by serving as subject matter experts in the Academic Communications Office’s earned media efforts. From creating new content, to participating in TV, podcast, and print interviews, to coming up with story ideas, the voices of FHSU thought leaders were featured. in dozens of publications, including The New York Times and The Washington Post.

For more information on receiving the FHSU Committed Scholars Breakfast, including the names of those recognized by category, go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKYpJxNLK5s.

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