Filmed: The Malfunctions of the Michigan Festival


(WPBN) – The National Cherry Festival is a tradition in northern Michigan, near the waters of Lake Michigan.

But the fun of it Thursday night was cut short when a merry-go-round began to malfunction.

The scary moments were filmed.

UpNorthLive digital content producer Trevor Drew is used to working on reports, but on Thursday night he was right in the middle of one.

“I’ve been on this type of ride before, and I can tell it’s, like, a lot more violent. It seems a little more fragile, ”said Drew.

“I’ve never seen anything, like, shake like that,” he said.

Drew and a handful of other runners were tied to the National Cherry Festival ride when witnesses said something went noticeably wrong.

“And then it started rocking back and forth a little bit, then it started like going more, and then like, it was at the point where the base was like leaning back and I was like, ‘This looks like about to fall back into the river right now. It was just… I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, ”said Joy Ogemaw, an eyewitness.

Witnesses say the ride began to tip over and lift off the ground with each swing.

It was then that the spectators took action.

“And a bunch of people grabbed the rail, and then they tried to hold it down and there’s probably, like, 25 people trying to hold the rail down,” Ogemaw said.

Joe Even with Arnold Amusement praised those who intervened, but left unanswered questions for now about what went wrong with his company’s journey.

“It’s just going to show you what kind of people live here in Traverse City, that they just go without even thinking about it and do whatever they need, you know, for one of their own,” Even said.

“Obviously, there was a malfunction. We do not yet know what it was. The merry-go-round has been dismantled, it’s gone, and it’s on its way back to the factory. The company that makes it is in Ohio, and they’re going down there to find out what happened. Was it a malfunction? Was it a computer problem? We do not know. We just don’t know what it was, ”he said.

Despite the frightening moments for the runners, no serious injuries were reported.

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