French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour caught overthrowing his hate, World News

Eric Zemmour, a French far-right media analyst who has been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate, was pictured in Marseille showing a middle finger to an indignant lady.

Later, a minister warned young people not to use the same vulgar gesture.

As part of his promotional trip, Zemmour landed in Marseille on Friday. He is expected to officially launch his presidential campaign early next month.

As the media figure left the station, he was greeted by a group of protesters who taunted and booed him.

In front of the town hall on Saturday, a lady approached Zemmour’s car and gave him a middle finger.

Zemmour, who had rolled down his window, had quickly returned the favor.

The camera of an AFP photographer recorded the obscene gesture.

The 63-year-old man known as “Trump of France” made a splash in politics in September when he embarked on a state-wide book tour that also served as campaign.

Although Zemmour has already hinted at his goals, the official statement will indicate that he believes he has the funds and support to topple Macron and eclipse veteran far-right leader Marine Le Pen in next April’s election.

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