Gift Campaign: a new way to understand business gifts


The promotional gifts they have been a communication technique for many years. Specifically, since the 10th century there is evidence of a practice known as sportula, which consisted in the boss giving his “customers” a basket with various gifts.

Because of the advantages they provide, they are part of the preferences of companies since they are economical, efficient and suitable for all types of audiences.

Like any other trend, this one is likely to grow, evolve and transform into something new. For this reason, we are going to explain the success story of Gift Campaign, a leading company in promotional gifts and corporate merchandising, and how they managed to reach their current trajectory.

The advertising market and its interest for the company

As mentioned above, there are great benefits of using promotional products in your marketing strategy. According to the PPAI (Promotional Products Association International), 8 out of 10 people like to receive personalized information and 96% want to know if brands offer them. What else, 82% have a better perception of the entity when they receive them.

This resulted in the sale of promotional gifts steadily growing. Only the pandemic has temporarily slowed down but, despite everything, the sector has reinvented itself with health and safety items (masks, hydroalcoholic gels, mask holders, etc.) to speed up your activity again.

The merchandising the company has high efficiency, as various studies indicate. Help the potential client to feel more connected to the company even before making the purchase and allows workers to integrate more easily. Besides, It is an inexpensive but very effective type of advertising.

A pen, a mug, a notebook, a cloth bag… We have all received one or more of them at some point, with fairs and the like being the most common situations. Many of these objects have been useful to us at times and, by taking them with us, we have generated brand visibility. Therefore, we are facing a communicative action which adapts to different audiences and brands, which helps to better connect with the public and which it does not require a big budget.

Giveaway campaign, a company with an international presence dedicated to promotional gifts For more than a decade, it has been a very important entity in the promotion market. This organization understood the new needs and support your customers, reinvent itself and bring innovations and unique points of view into its economic model.

Their philosophy has been essential to their success and they have not given up on their values ​​and goals even when there have been adverse times like the pandemic. For all that, we will explain the keys that led them to be leaders.

Gift Campaign: a pioneering e-commerce

The giveaway campaign has been created a standard of success based on customer service additionally adding constant innovations to facilitate the purchasing process at all times.

Ten years ago the usual was rely on advertisements that they had to make visits with huge catalogs, explain news, clarify doubts … Then, the orders had to be managed manually, without know the stock first hand and with very long delivery times. There had to be a transition to a fast, accessible and efficient model.

Giveaway campaign quickly understood what the new needs were: he got rid of the physical catalog to implement it on the web, with the advantages that this implies of being able to quickly consult what you want. All management is carried out from the platform itself, being able to see the possibilities of the product with customization and check stock and delivery days. They thus effectively integrated the entire process, not without incorporating constant improvements to have the best marking techniques as well as increasingly rapid transport services.

Regarding the scope of the customer, the user can request his budget via the website or by contacting the sales team directly, by receiving a virtual sample of the product with your own logo. In this way, not only do the classic traditional catalogs escape but the person can already see what the final score before making the purchase.

To this we must add individualized professional advice by members of your team. Thus, the necessary changes and the best recommendations can be made to find what you are looking for.

Another fundamental point to emphasize is the fact that they have staff from each country in which they are present. From the start of their international expansion, they had natives.

“It’s not just about understand a language but adapt to the culture of each region. This way, you can always provide the right solution and make the person you are talking to feel that you understand them and that you are truly accompanying them in their process, ”he says. Diederik De Koning, CEO of the Gift Campaign.

“We want the user to feel supported and consider that we can resolve any incident. We are not looking for a simple transaction, but to create a bond of trust, ”he explains. Oriol Badia, co-founder.

Also, staff are constantly working to make changes and improvements to the platform itself so that the processes are more and more agile and simpler. They also do not forget the manufacture of the product itself: “Maintaining a high standard of quality is mandatory in our merchandising and, of course, we always find new procedures that allow faster productions and shipments that arrive earlier ”, explains Diederik De Koning.

Despite complicated scenario caused by the pandemic in its first year did not slow its growth, landing in Holland and pursue its pre-established project of being the leaders of the European advertising market.

Sure, the emergence of COVID-19 nor has it been a stumbling block when it comes to continuing to improve its own internal processes. It’s not just about having a faster and more accessible platform, but they are constantly adding new products to their catalog, adding innovations in techniques such as 360º digital prints, laser engravings for mugs or UV prints.

The next steps in the gift campaign

“We will continue our working method in the same way as before: our customers are the priorityWe want you to be satisfied but also that your promotional gifts are useful, representative of your brand and that they are appreciated by their recipients. Sure, without giving up our philosophy and always strive to be better, ”says Oriol Badia.

The details of the company are in our daily life. There are many occasions where we have been able to receive them, such as at fairs, events or congresses, because they represent an economical and effective strategy. Gift Campaign is distinguished by a good knowledge of the user, adapt to your preferences and always seek constant innovation. These are the keys that have led them to be leaders.

The company continues to seek new markets in which to establish itself and in which to add value, always without losing sight of those already present and without giving up its essence. We will follow their evolution to find out what they will offer and in what new ways they will surprise their audience.

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