Gravity Media installs massive 1.2mm pixel pitch LED wall


Sydney, Australia—Gravity Media has installed an LED display wall in Australia at its production center in Sydney (PCS) which the company is touting as the only 1.2mm pixel pitch LED wall in an Australian broadcast studio.

Gravity Media’s new LED Wall is 10 meters wide and 2.5 meters wide, with a resolution of 6400 x 1920, and provides a vibrant, high-definition backdrop perfect for sharing information and entertaining in unique and unique ways. innovative, the company said.

The LED wall has already been used by customers such as Seven Network and Supercars.

Ahead of this summer’s games, Seven Network approached Gravity Media, researching the best possible displays on the market to deliver one of the world’s most iconic events, and ended up using the new 1.2 pixel pitch display. mm.

Supercars has used PCS and the incredible versatility of the LED wall for its E series of Supercars Cash Converters. The PCS served as the main production hub with the LED wall installed in a dedicated studio, using it to display various streams managed from the control room. Camera feeds from two commentators were sent from Gravity Media’s PCM (Melbourne Production Center) via fiber to the Sydney facility and broadcast on the LED wall, the program host could easily interact with their colleagues.

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