Guerrilla Marketing – Everything You Need To Know About


How it works

The public has become somewhat “blind” to most traditional marketing tactics. Being bombarded with endless emails, texts, social media ads, and even billboards makes them easy to ignore. To be successful you need to be able to stand out among the crowd, but it can be difficult to do when the audience ignores the whole crowd.

Using guerrilla marketing is like being the sun suddenly breaking through the clouds on a dark day. It’s unexpected, brilliant, and impossible to ignore.

Guerrilla marketing means shocking people in the middle of their daily routine. For example, they walk to work the same way they do every day. Their minds are used to the pattern and color of the sidewalk, so they can tune in and robotically move throughout their walk.

Suddenly, in the middle of the drab and worn sidewalk, they stumble upon a luminous advertisement painted on a section. It’s so unexpected and out of the ordinary that it breaks the fog in their minds.

They have to stop and be careful. Often times, they take photos and share them on their social media pages. And they’ll think about it for a while afterward – and share it with their friends.

Guerrilla marketing is about breaking the mundane. It’s about putting something unexpected in the public eye that they just can’t ignore.

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