Hanna: Terri will be the key to destroy Utrax

With the release of Hanna Season 3 this month, let’s dissect how it won’t be her or any other assassin who will be the key to shutting down the Utrax program.

With two seasons of Hanna Down, the Title Assassin is a game-changer for the upcoming Season 3 later this month, as she returns home to the Meadows. Hanna (Esme Creed-Miles) is once again part of the CIA’s Utrax program, but she doesn’t set out to be one of the puppets. Instead, she wants to bring down the sinister initiative. However, after what happened last season, it won’t be her or any other assassin who will be the key to the destruction of Utrax – it will actually be Terri (Cherrelle Skeete).

Terri made her Season 2 debut as the program’s social media manager at The Meadows, creating fake profiles online so that girls would come out, fit into society, infiltrate the ranks they are in, and then commit their assassinations. The perfect example of this is how she made Jules and Sandy cleverly disguised students and citizens.

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Her talent makes the program more nuanced than Black Widow’s Red Room, as the series knows mystery is suspect in the digital age. Women need an online personality, which Terri carefully cultivates. However, she’s also the psychologist they come to, playing with them as they pretend to be this fake person until they believe it and actually experience it.

In that sense, as a digital manager, she enlightens and conditions them, with the girls accepting this brainwashing mode as a more subtle and gentler option. Thus, Terri will be essential in influencing the girls for the coming civil war. Not only do they trust her, but she can fly under the radar.

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With Hanna and Marissa back home, Carmichael (the man they dropped off) and his henchmen keep a close watch on them. As such, while the villains recruit alongside them, Marissa and Hanna will do the same, and Terri, who has shown compassion and empathy, can be the trump card in getting these girls out of the Matrix and to claim freedom.

Liberation is a big part of their arc, after all, and Terri wants them to get there, physically and mentally, as seen with how she was torn so much apart by Clara. Luckily, Hanna helped Clara escape and find her mother, so this is an achievement Terri will want to repeat. What makes her such an attractive mentor is that she can also rock information about the return of Super Soldiers to their families.

She is disappointed with the cruelty of the Pioneers’ vision, as they seem more interested in making America terrorists than in securing the country. So, this makes Terri a power actor who can make super-soldiers independent enough to want to break out of that oppressive control and ultimately the grim dictation of their lives. They think they are weapons, but Terri can convince them that they are real and human, which will inevitably start the rebellion.

Hanna Season 3 premieres on Amazon Prime Video on November 24.

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