HBO has the most Emmy nominations, but will the network take home the most trophies?


The trend for cable networks and premium streaming providers to dominate the Primetime Emmy Awards continues. While Netflix won the most Emmy nominations in 2020, they aren’t the best lead dog this year. This distinction goes to HBO, whose HBO Max platform has put them ahead of the streaming service juggernaut. HBO may be at the top of the nominations, but that doesn’t mean the premium content provider will walk away with the most trophies. Could Netflix still win the most real rewards? It seems like a possibility.

Netflix won more Emmy nominations than anyone last year

2020 has been an odd year for many different reasons, but viewers could always count on their favorite shows to bring some predictability to an unprecedented time. 2020 found Netflix, as expected, topping Emmy nominations. The streaming service received 160 Emmy nods. However, they did not end the evening as the most decorated network.

Vasily Borgov and Beth Harmon in “The Queen’s Gambit” | PHIL BRAY / NETFLIX © 2020

HBO won in 30 categories despite significantly fewer nominations, while Netflix took home 21 Primetime Emmy Awards statues. This year, Netflix’s nominations are significantly lower. Netflix garnered 129 nominations in 2021, but the network remains on the hunt for the most Emmy wins. In fact, it’s entirely possible that HBO and Netflix will switch places.

HBO Heads To 73rd Annual Emmy Awards With More Nominations Than Any Other Network

Premium cable network, HBO, is heading for the 73rd annual Emmy Awards with the most nominations. HBO and its streaming service, HBO Max, are counted as a single entity. Experts all agree that HBO Max is what pushed the service provider to the top of the nominations. Still, defeating a content creator like Netflix is ​​a huge achievement, even if HBO isn’t in the lead by a huge margin. HBO won 130 nods, beating Netflix by just one nomination.

HBO Max logo on a phone screen in front of a poster.

HBO Max Logo | Soumyabrata Roy / NurPhoto via Getty Images

In addition to having the most nominations, HBO has several shows that are the favorites for this year’s ceremony. Easttown mare and Hacks received 16 and 15 nominations respectively. Mare of Easttown and Hacks both present Jean Smart, who is a favorite to win at least one trophy. The stewardess, the nascent series starring Kaley Cuoco, has won nine nominations, and the controversial Allen vs. Farrow is nominated in seven categories.

Will HBO take home the most awards at the 73rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards?

HBO may be the most Emmy nominated network this year, but does that mean they’ll take home the most awards? Not necessarily. HBO led the nominations list with a single nod, and Netflix cleaned up the Creative Arts Emmy Awards last weekend. In fact, many of the most coveted awards at last weekend’s ceremony went to the streaming giant. According to Deadline, Netflix ended the night with 34 wins, while HBO only took home 10 trophies. Disney +, the third most nominated content creator, won 13 awards. Of course, the Creative Arts Emmy doesn’t always indicate what will happen at the prime-time event, but there is a correlation.

Kaley Cuoco as Cassandra Bowden in

Kaley Cuoco as Cassandra Bowden in “The Flight Attendant” | Netflix

At this point, who will be the big winner is a guess. With streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Video arriving with fewer qualifying shows due to filming delays from the coronavirus (COVID-19), it’s everyone’s game. HBO could come out on top, but some pundits believe Netflix will take home the most trophies in the end. Yes The crown and The Queen’s Gambit Getting as much love from the Academy as we expected, Netflix has a good chance of leaving the night as the most decorating content producer.

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