How Public Relations Helps You Achieve Your Business Goals

Public relations (PR) is often misunderstood. Some believe it’s just to get the press to write about you. Others think it’s more about crisis management. But public relations is much more than that and is an integral part of any successful business.

Public relations is about sharing the most impactful information in the right places and with the right people at the right time. This helps build your brand reputation, gain visibility and establish trust with your customers. Public relations agencies not only help you build your image in your chosen industry, but they also help you promote your program. When used appropriately, PR can empower you to overcome almost any obstacle.

Here are some ways public relations can help you achieve your business goals. Let’s eliminate the obvious first.

Public relations will increase the visibility of your products and services

This is the area most people think of when they talk about public relations. A PR agency will help you identify the right angle, write a press release, craft an exciting pitch, and send it to the right reporters in the most relevant publications. If all goes well, you’ll end up with one or more articles about your news in major publications, and the impact of that can be the difference between make or break.

Slack, for example, generated massive exposure and reach with pre-launch reviews from publications such as VentureBeat, TechCrunch, and Inc. Slack received 8,000 user requests on day one and 15,000 the second week. Just six years later (and several other milestones in between), Slack now has 12 million daily active users and 156,000 organizations are subscribed to the app. While his PR campaigns cannot be fully praised for Slack’s growth, they were undoubtedly an integral and significant part of its marketing strategy and success.

Good public relations will not only bring you new users and potential customers. If you have a business that will achieve faster success by forming partnerships, finding ambassadors or affiliates, or closing business and promotion deals back and forth, getting featured in the press will help bring those opportunities to fruition.

Public relations will strengthen your brand

Public relations doesn’t just give you an outlet for your launches and milestones. It helps you connect those stories with your core brand message and tone of voice. This not only allows you to paint a picture of what you stand for, but it also reflects how you want to speak to your customers and partners.

A good PR agency will help you with this, either by taking your existing tone of voice or helping you develop one. And they’ll embed your brand values, messages and principles into every presentation and press release. The result? Consistency at all levels, not only in your advertising and marketing materials, your emails and communications, and your website, but also in your approach to journalists and the answers you give them to any questions they answer. Some PR firms even run media training sessions to help ensure your responses reflect your brand values ​​from start to finish when faced with an in-person interview.

Public relations adds value to existing customers

An often overlooked weapon in the PR arsenal is the ability to tell your customers’ stories – not just your own. Anyone who works to create great angles, craft eye-catching presentations, and write engaging press releases can also work with your clients to tell their story and craft case studies that grab your potential clients’ attention from start to finish. end.

Public relations helps you raise funds

Getting funded is an art. You need to have everything in place, including a compelling idea, a fantastic team, the right advisors, initial traction, a compelling story, and more. PR can make a huge difference if you get that initial or next round or miss out on another startup.

First, a great PR agency can help you craft a story that captures the attention of your target investor. Then, just like using public relations to build your brand, the same storytelling approach can help you ensure that every slide in your pitch deck and every word you use to illustrate it will get people to sit up. , to listen and, ultimately, to give you the funds you need. to grow. And, of course, getting an article published in a major online medium will help build legitimacy and trust. Imagine walking into a VC with not only a great pitch, but also articles published in everyone’s favorite publications.

Public relations helps you attract top talent

Think about it. You’re looking for your next role in the industry, and it comes down to two target companies. Both have been around for the same length of time. Both have traction. Both are in the same niche. But one of them shows up in Google News searches, and the other has no visibility. One has unique educational content and thought leadership articles, and the other is unseen. One has a consistent and clear message, and the other seems to be pulling from the hip.

Which would you focus on? A good PR agency will show you how to apply everything they help you achieve in multiple areas of your business, which, in turn, will help you attract top talent.

Public relations helps you manage your reputation

Public relations is not just about sending positive messages. Sometimes public relations is about crisis management and dealing with important issues as they arise.

Yum! Brands, the parent company of Taco Bell, was to be prosecuted for the contents of his meat. The lawsuit alleged that its “seasoned beef” contained only 35% beef. He went on a public relations offensive, declaring that all the claims were false, and he shared his percentages openly and publicly (if you want the details, “seasoned beef” is 88% beef and 12% secret recipe). He also shared the ingredients used in the secret recipe. A cross-platform PR campaign followed, and Taco Bell’s existing consumer base responded positively across all channels. Less than four months later, the lawsuit was dropped.

Public Relations Can Really Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

There are many more ways to support your PR goals, requirements, and needs – far more than we can cover here.

Remember: it’s not just about getting press in your favorite publications. PR agencies, executives and assistants are incredibly well placed to help you with many areas of marketing communications and crisis management, so use them accordingly.

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