How to make your email experience more productive with Spike

Chances are you check your email several times a day, and it’s almost unavoidable because it’s one of the most common ways to reach the majority of people you know and deal with. work.

However, emails can feel overwhelming when dealing with multiple accounts, constantly receiving dozens of new messages, or pesky promotional emails cluttering your inbox.

Let’s see how Spike can help you overcome these challenges and more.

What is Spike?

Peak is a robust email solution that makes it easy for people or organizations to collaborate, communicate and manage their emails. Spike allows companies to create a line of communication within the company, with customers and partners.

This all-in-one email solution lets you access Inbox Zero every day without leaving the main stream. It has a simple user interface, seamlessly integrates with your current email accounts, and makes it easy to organize messages.

You can get a free personal account or pay for premium business subscription.

To download: spike for android | iOS | the Windows | macOS (Free premium accounts available)

How Spike can help streamline your workflow and improve your productivity

Spike offers several productivity-boosting features that can help turn your inbox into a complete workspace, letting you get the most out of your time. Here are some of the things you can do with Spike:

1. Improve emails

Spike desktop app

Instant messaging and emailing aren’t the same thing, but Spike makes them work for you at the same time by blending the best of both worlds and introducing Conversational email.


With its chat threads, you can instantly communicate with your team members, clients, or loved ones without leaving your inbox, simplifying your workflow and improving email delivery.

Spike’s conversational messaging approach also allows you to take advantage of many instant messaging features such as profile pictures to recognize your contacts at a glance, read indicators to know if they’ve read your message or multimedia support to send emojis, images and GIFs to express your emotions. or personality.

Plus, you can schedule a message to be sent later, great for teams working in different time zones or if you think you might forget.

Sent an email with typos that you want to undo? It is also possible in 10 seconds. You can also use its text-to-speech feature to listen to your messages or its built-in translation feature to communicate with people in multiple languages.

2. Unify your inbox

Spike desktop app

Improving your email productivity is all about staying on top of important communications. But logging into multiple accounts every time you want to check your inbox can waste valuable time.

Fortunately, Spike can solve this problem by seamlessly integrating with your existing email accounts, so you can receive notifications for new messages no matter where they come from.

Spike lets you connect your Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook or iCloud accounts and instantly access all your contacts and messages from these platforms to do your job more efficiently.

With a unified inbox, you can sort through your emails faster, respond to critical messages immediately, and reduce the time you spend managing multiple accounts. You can even schedule when Spike should send you notifications, so it won’t bother you at inconvenient times.

3. Collaborate effectively with colleagues and clients

Spike desktop app

If you’re collaborating with a client, inviting them to participate in your Spike feed can save you time, and add accountability and transparency to the end result. You can use it to notify your clients of important deadlines or project changes through in-app video meetings or by sharing your screen for live presentations.

Spike is also an excellent internal communication tool that can help you strengthen your collaboration with your colleagues. You can use it to create groups or channels to discuss specific topics such as office announcements, company goals, new projects, or team events. You can share notes, files, or collaborative tasks directly from your group or inbox with Spike.

4. Organize your inbox

Spike desktop screenshot

We bet you are regularly bombarded with promotional emails that you don’t even remember signing up for, and going through all those emails and hitting the unsubscribe button can be time consuming. Fortunately, Spike can help organize your inbox so you can focus on important messages.

Spike has a built-in organization system called Priority Inbox to help you sort and prioritize vital communications. Each time you receive an e-mail, Spike checks if you have already had correspondence with this e-mail address and saves it in your Priority Inbox if you did. Otherwise, if you’ve never interacted with this sender before, Spike sends it to the Other inbox.

This way you can stay on top of your most essential communications in your Priority Inbox while keeping promotional messages and other non-priority emails in Other inbox, where you can quickly browse when you have time. You can take advantage of this feature on all email accounts you’ve added to Spike.

5. Find what you want, when you need it

Screenshot of the Spike desktop app

Since email is one of the most popular means of communication in the workplace, it can quickly turn into a maze of information if you don’t have a method to manage it. Fortunately, you can save time and increase your productivity by leveraging Spike’s conversational messaging approach and Great Search characteristic.

by Spike Great Search lets you find what you want, when you need it, in seconds, no matter how many messages you have in your inbox. Whether you are looking for a specific text or attachment, you can search by particular keyword, subject or contact to instantly display the information you want. This is a handy feature if you constantly need to find files, notes from a meeting, or information from a chat with a team member.

Do it all from the comfort of your inbox with Spike

If you want to be more productive and efficient at work, Spike can do that for you by letting you manage all your emails in one place. With its functionality and features focused on increasing productivity, it’s sure to make a big difference in the way you do things.

Plus, Spike automatically syncs across all your devices, giving you access to your inbox anytime, anywhere. Overall, Spike turns your inbox into a very efficient workspace.

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