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The FIFA 22 Fellaini challenges were released as Marouane Fellaini received a Rulebreakers article during Team 2.

Rulebreakers has been a positive outing among fans considering the promotional items in the packs, team building challenges, and objective items. The latter was relatively lacking until EA Sports abandoned a set of Fellaini goals. Rulebreakers is an opportunity for EA Sports to turn lower-rated players into meta elements. This is the case with this Fellaini Rulebreakers lens set.

Here’s how to achieve the Rulebreakers Fellaini objective in FIFA 22:

  1. Breaking Out: Score a goal in seven separate matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Break Out!
  2. Powerful Assists: Assist four goals using players with min. 75 physics in the Live FUT Friendly: Get out!
  3. Midfielder Finishers: Score three goals using midfielders in the FUT Friendly Live Stream: Escape!
  4. Belgian Mix: Win four matches while having at least one Belgian player on your starting squad in the Live FUT Friendly: Escape!

Completing each goal will reward the players and the experience needed to complete the Season 1 pass. Fellaini is quite difficult to tie apart from the Belgian players given he plays in the Chinese FA Super League. But, if you have the necessary links, this is a nice item to add to your collections for free.

Rulebreakers Fellaini came out alongside Flashback Mahrez SBC.

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