How to use print advertising to promote your brand


Although many deny the sustainability of print advertising, it continues to rule against digitization. While online marketing grapples with the problem that digital banner ads are barely noticed, and even prevented by ad blockers, print products unquestionably remain a sign of consistency. So what are the benefits of print marketing for businesses?

Who is print advertising for?

This advertising medium refers to any advertising printed on paper. These include:

  • Brochures
  • Banners
  • Catalogs
  • Leaflets
  • Business cards
  • Posters
  • Circulars
  • Newspaper advertisements

In the age of digital media, many young people in particular mainly use the Internet instead of newspapers and books to search for information. In the seemingly endless World Wide Web, the latest topics are available on various platforms within a short period of time, without the user having to pay any additional fees. Nevertheless, billions of people still use the printed product to find out what is happening in the region, the country and the world. So it’s no surprise that businesses continue to place ads and advertisements in daily and weekly magazines, print flyers and brochures, and distribute business cards.

The gross sales that can be generated by newspaper advertising prove that the market is not yet exhausted. New products, offers or services are always communicated in the form of print advertising. The advertisements in the dailies are worth the effort as many vendors now not only use the paper version for their editions, but also make an online version available at the same time. This not only caters to a larger audience, but also gives the advertisement greater reach. Brochures from discounters and supermarkets are particularly popular in the printing industry. Many families plan their shopping based on the offers in the brochures.

Benefits of print advertising, efficiency and profitability

  • Print advertising is closer, why? Because it perfectly segments the target audience. As a geographic discriminator, the impression is excellent, since it is located in a specific environment, in a place that will be perceived by those interested in the ad and what it sells. Print ads reach the audience directly, in fact they have a very high percentage of impact on the target audience.
  • Print advertising has much less “noise” around it than other media. Think of the Internet, a banner or some other digital print accompanies a series of data, information, etc., in which a user prefers to look. A poster is usually isolated, attention is immediately and concretely fixed.
  • Print media are more influential in general. Measures of authority tell us that print ads are more truthful, at least the public thinks so. Print advertising generates trust, which affects the brand image for the consumer.
  • Print advertising allows for a level of creativity that other media lack. The images can be very powerful, and so can the message. If we have the services of a professional company, able to offer high quality printing services, we can make our posters reach our audience in a direct and very cost effective way.
  • Printing is a very versatile medium, there are different qualities and media, as well as different types of printing. Obviously, we are not going to choose the same format for a large outdoor poster, as for an indoor poster which is part of the decoration of a commercial premises.

Value-added print advertising

Every business needs different advertising media to implement its marketing strategy. However, very few companies do without print products altogether. Companies with regional roots in particular must attach great importance to encouraging their own catchment area to buy their products or services. In order to appeal to the generation most receptive to online marketing, conventional print products must be tailored to the needs.

If customers are addressed directly, this has a positive effect on their purchasing behavior. This is why personalized advertising is very trendy because this is how companies suggest their interest to their customers. If the printed products are then supplied in addition with coupons, vouchers or samples, they appear much more attractive to the end consumer. Today, you have to be creative if you want to acquire a large clientele.

Most importantly, consumers love advertising that they don’t find boring. As already said, there is a flood of banner ads and personalized suggestions on the internet. So many users use ad blocker to avoid being inundated with ads. A discreet but extremely effective advertising medium is, for example, posters.

These statistics clearly show that millions of people see billboards almost every day, whether they are glancing at the side of the road while driving or walking the city road. Posters are everywhere without appearing intrusive and therefore constitute an advertising opportunity for a large number of businesses. In order to get the necessary attention from readers, a strong message and an eye-catcher are needed. Within seconds, the poster (and almost any other medium too) should spark interest.

Why businesses shouldn’t forget about print advertising

movie poster

Because it offers the following advantages:

  • Just like TV advertising, it arouses emotions, but costs much less
  • Printed products such as brochures, leaflets or newspapers have a greater impact thanks to their touch
  • Suggest greater credibility
  • Deeper Content Review

As many Internet users no longer face the flow of uncontrolled advertising, print products are gaining in importance. They represent both credibility and consistency in a world flooded with media. Whether it’s old or new businesses, print advertising continues to be one of the most trusted sources of information, if only because the information is available in a mix of online media. online and offline.

Tools for creating banner ads

Despite the exponential growth of the digital medium, print advertising is still the clear leader in terms of authority, acceptance, influence, niche targeting, attention span, creative flexibility and of course feedback. investment. But it only works when you create copy that grabs attention and triggers contextual emotions. Fortunately, now you have several smart and simple graphic editors to help you create professional banners, posters, flyers, or whatever fits with your marketing strategy. Here are some of the popular graphic editing tools to help you create very effective banners:


You are aware of the complexity of creating and coding banner ads using HTML5, especially the cost of hiring a professional. For people like you who want to create high-quality banner ads for the web, Creatopy, an app with a drag-and-drop interface for designing ads quickly and efficiently, is one of the most trusted tools. All you have to do is log in and select a suitable template from the large archive and move on to the next step to add some value, like adding a background, playing with color schemes, and rearranging. graphics to make your ads more contextually relevant and appealing. Once the editing part is finished, you can upload your advertising design in a desired format and use it on suitable platforms. In addition, the platform offers you an analytical tool to measure the performance of your ads.

Adobe Spark

When it comes to flexibility and creative freedom, Spark Abode gives you everything you can imagine to effortlessly create banner ads for web and print. You have the freedom to use templates and modify them as needed or design something more creative from scratch. Besides, you can upload your own design elements like graphics, logos and fonts to make your banners more attractive.

Printing services

Online advertising is booming, thanks to the flexibility and freedom it offers to design and publish the banner ads you want in the shortest possible time. This does not mean that print advertising is irrelevant. It is always one of the most important parts of any marketing campaign. If finding and connecting with quality printers bothers you, you should relax as several online printing services offer home delivery of printed banners to help you focus more on your campaign. All you need to do is share your ad banner design file in a suitable format and select the desired options related to size, material and quantity and wait a few days for your banners to be delivered. to your address. More importantly, online printing services are relatively cheaper than traditional options.

BigBetterBanner (United States)

If you are looking for a complete banner printing solution from design to print to delivery then Big Better Banner is a great choice. All you have to do is choose a template of your choice or upload your raw design and refine it using simple tools and upload the final design. You have the freedom to customize your size to suit your space requirements and place an order for as many pieces as you want. Your properly hemmed printed banner will be delivered to your address for free on time if your order size is over $ 49.

Vistaprint (international service)

Finding a quality banner printer with guaranteed quality and fast turnaround time is the biggest hurdle in print ad campaigns. Vistaprint, one of the largest aggregators of online printing services, is the best possible destination to help you design, customize and get a high quality banner printed and delivered on time anywhere in the world. The aggregator model helps mobilize resources in the shortest possible time so that you get the best at a very competitive price in the shortest possible time.


Of course, there are drawbacks to print advertising that businesses should be aware of as well. There is a high cost to printing and creating posters, flyers, or direct mail, especially when you factor in the high spread factor. Since the recipients of print advertising are usually chosen at random, the question arises for many founders of how profitable print advertising is. One way to allay worries and at the same time actively integrate print advertising into your own marketing strategy is cross-media marketing. A balanced mix of print and online advertising is put in place in order not only to reach a higher target group, but also to increase sales effectively.

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