How to use the AdNauseam Chrome extension to confuse Google ads


“Ad nauseam” is a Latin expression, which means “to be nauseous” or “to disgust” to an excessive degree. When something gets so terrible that you are fed up with it, you will call it “AdNauseam”.

The internet is full of companies that monitor everything you do and present ads based on user history. For those who like their privacy and don’t want to be tracked by ad providers, it’s a good idea to use AdNauseam to confuse Google Ads.

What is AdNauseam?

AdNauseam is a free browser extension that can prevent users from being tracked by various ad sites while confusing the ads by clicking on each one. That’s why you won’t have to add another Chrome privacy extension.

AdNauseam ad blocker extension

The extension is adjustable, so users can choose not to block certain advertisers. In addition, the extension helps amplify user dissatisfaction with ad networks that ignore privacy.

How does AdNauseam work?

AdNauseam is quite different from conventional ad blocking software. Instead of removing the ads, it automatically clicks on them, giving the ad sites a false impression that the user is interested in everything. This makes it difficult for observers to create an exact profile of the user.

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It’s like flooding a radar with continuous false signals, jamming it with false inscriptions. AdNauseam is flexible and you can choose to automatically click on all the ads displayed on your screen or configure a click percentage.

Why is it difficult to install AdNauseam in Google Chrome?

Google ads are served on a pay-per-click basis and advertisers are billed for each click, whether or not their product is sold. Therefore, Google must maintain a high level of quality traffic to prevent its advertisers from leaving.

Since AdNauseam clicks on Google’s own ads, Google may lose ad revenue. The search engine giant decided to remove AdNauseam from its extensions store in an attempt to prevent people from using it.

Even if the plugin has been removed, it is possible to install it manually.

How to manually install AdNauseam in Google Chrome

You can easily install AdNauseam manually by following the steps below.

Download the latest version of AdNauseam from its GitHub repository.

Extract the zip file to a folder. Make sure you don’t delete this folder after installing it, as Chrome may disable AdNauseam if the folder is not found in the expected location.

Extract files to a folder

In the Chrome address bar, type chrome: // extensions / and click on developer mode in the upper left corner.

Click on Load the unzipped extension and navigate to the folder where AdNauseam is downloaded. Make sure to select the folder name You will be invited to the next page where you can click on the options you want

Whenever users restart Chrome, they may be prompted to Disable Developer Mode Extension. Just click on the To cancel button and continue.

Don't turn off developer mode

For best results, turn off Strict mode for Improved tracking protection. It is recommended that you use private browsing mode when using AdNauseam, and you should disable or remove other ad blockers.

How does AdNauseam hide ads?

Unlike other conventional ad blockers, AdNauseam does not block all visual ads, but hides them depending on user configuration. Once an ad is detected, the extension uses CSS to confuse the relevant ad. AdNauseam also hides bogus advertisements, which are disguised as download links or adware.

The whole process is done securely with cookies and other identifiers disabled. Users can also turn off ad hiding globally, for a site and even for a page, by changing the settings in AdNauseam.

AdNauseam lets you browse without ads attacking you

AdNauseam is there not only to confuse Google Ads, but also to protect users from online advertising industry tracking. It essentially clicks on hidden advertisements, polluting the data profile that powers online surveillance.

Since it’s hard to hide from Google surveillance, AdNauseam is a great tactic to confuse and sabotage Google.


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