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New delhiJune 11: ‘Samrat Prithviraj’ was touted as one of the biggest blockbusters to be released Bollywood In 2022.

With covid Lockdowns and restrictions are no longer in place, trade analysts expected this landmark, big-budget film based on Prithviraj Chauhan will break box office records.

It was also billed as another milestone film in the actor’s career. Akshay Kumar Who has delivered many hits and many misses over his three-decade acting career.

As in the case of this monster hit “The Kashmir Files”, nationalism Has been touted as a key promotional strategy for the film.

In the end, despite all the hype, lavish sets, and big budgets, the film fell far short of box office expectations.

He almost has the routine for the Bollywood Superstars will deliver box office duds as South Indian cinema breaks box office records.

Elector Conducted a national survey on behalf of IANS to find out what ordinary people thought were the reasons the film was not doing well at the box office.

In what comes as a surprise, the highest percentage of respondents strongly felt that a Overdose Of nationalism was the main cause of the failure From the movie.

Respondents were given three options. About 26% of respondents assigned a Overdose Of nationalism Like The Cause.

About 19% reported having had a Overdose Of Akshay Kumarwhile around 18% felt the film was very poorly made.

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Nearly 38% of respondents said they had no interest in the issue or the film.

Lately, quite a few movies that have played the nationalism Card. Responses were more or less consistent across all sections.

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