iSIZE joins the Alliance for Open Media


WAKEFIELD, Mass. — The Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia) announced that iSIZE, a company with codec-independent AI technology that reduces bandwidth usage and improves the video experience, has joined the organization at promoter level.

As a member of the Alliance, iSIZE will work with members of AOMedia, the leading Internet and multimedia technology companies, to advance open standards for multimedia compression and streaming on the Web while promoting the adoption of the Internet. ‘hardware video encoding, the group said.

“We are very happy to join AOMedia, where we can share our experience with AI-based solutions for high quality video streaming,” said Sergio Grce, CEO of iSIZE. “Like AOMedia, we are passionate about creating high impact video solutions that leave a mark in the world, and we look forward to working with our fellow Members to deliver great video streaming experiences.”

iSIZE specializes in deep learning for smart and sustainable video delivery. Its proprietary Deep Perception Optimizer uses AI trained to “see with the human eye” to optimize video quality, and it offers significant bitrate savings for all video encoding standards, including AV1.

Thanks to AV1’s improved data compression over existing standards, fewer bits need to be streamed to achieve high visual quality levels and a better user experience. ISIZE’s BitSave AI preprocessor solutions can be used in tandem with any VP9 or AV1 encoder to enhance the quality of VP9 or AV1 video on client devices without requiring modification on streaming or decoding devices.

“It’s great to welcome iSIZE to AOMedia,” said Matt Frost, president and CEO of AOMedia at Google. “ISIZE’s expertise in speed and quality gains in video compression will benefit the entire video streaming ecosystem. We look forward to working with iSIZE on our goal of expanding the hardware adoption of the AV1 standard in hardware and increasing the openness and interoperability of Internet video.

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