Jan 6, Organizers Used Burner Phones To Talk To Trump Family: Report

US President Donald Trump speaks at a "Rally Save America" near the White House in Washington, DC, United States, Wednesday, Jan.6, 2021 (Shawn Thew / EPA / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

US President Donald Trump speaks during a “Save America Rally” near the White House in Washington, DC, United States, Wednesday, January 6, 2021. (Shawn Thew / EPA / Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Organizers of the “Save America” ​​rally where former President Donald Trump spoke before the January 6 Capitol riot reportedly used cell phones to communicate with the White House and Trump campaign officials, including the son of President Eric, Rolling Stone reported Tuesday.

Kylie Kremer, co-founder of Women for America First and leader of the March for Trump group, who had planned the rally at the Ellipse near the White House, reportedly told an aide to take three burner phones and said it ‘was “of the utmost importance” for which they were paid in cash, according to Rolling Stone. Kylie and her mom Amy Kremer picked up two of the phones, but it’s unclear who the third was for, according to Rolling Stone.

The Kremers reportedly used the phones to communicate with then White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, Eric Trump, and his wife, Lara, among others.

“This was when planning for the event on the Ellipse took place, [Kylie Kremer] needed cell phones to communicate with high profile people, that’s how she put it, ”a member of the March for Trump team told Rolling Stone.

“They were planning all kinds of things, marches and rallies,” the person told Rolling Stone. “Any conversation she’s had with the White House or the Trump family has been on these phones.” The person also said Kylie Kremer almost exclusively used the burner to talk to Meadows, Trump’s last chief of staff.

Women for America First, which is chaired by Amy Kremer and directed by Kylie, did not immediately respond to a VICE News request for comment regarding the Rolling Stone report. The Trump Organization, headed by Eric Trump, also did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A previous Rolling Stone report on the leaked text messages involving the mother-daughter duo and the planning of the rally indicated that the rally was being planned in coordination with the White House, including on social media. “We are following POTUS ‘example,” Kylie Kremer reportedly wrote in a New Years text, before the rally was announced.

In his speech at the Save America rally, Trump told his supporters they “are going to go to Capitol Hill” and “make their voices heard in a peaceful and patriotic way.” Rolling Stone reported that none of the texts indicated that the Kremers or anyone in the group was advocating for violence on Capitol Hill.

The special House committee investigating the events of January 6 has subpoenaed Amy and Kylie Kremer, as well as a plethora of figures adjacent to Trump, including Meadows – who has said he will defy the subpoena – and the former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. , who was charged with contempt of Congress for failing to comply with the subpoena.

Women for America First and the Kremers last month launched a page on the Christian fundraising platform GiveSendGo, saying they needed $ 250,000 “to cover legal fees and get to Washington.” As of November 24, the group had raised over $ 15,000, although the last donation came over two weeks ago.

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