JD Sports Turns Gen Z Heads With Yellow Beetle In KL And Petaling Jaya

JD Sports recently turned heads in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya when it drove a yellow JD Beetle as part of its annual Click Refresh campaign. Made in collaboration with Abern & Nyler, the campaign also saw Nike come on board as an activation sponsor in Malaysia. Although JD Sports did not explain what the Nike sponsorship entailed, it said the sports brand stands out among young people and is therefore a suitable partner for the campaign.

This time around, JD Sports took an integrated approach, combining experiential marketing, the #OOTD live stream on social media, as well as meetings with Gen Z’s favorite influencers. In addition to the yellow JD Beetle, the brand also handed out free fresh black coffee to the first 100 participants each day. Students who present their badge in-store were also able to play the vending machine and win exclusive Nike merchandise with a minimum spend of RM200. They also received stickers containing an online discount code. Imran Bard, Gajen Chandra, Cupcake Aisyah and Meer Nash were the influencers engaged for the Click Refresh.

While JD Sports declined to disclose the monetary value of the campaign, the brand said A+M that the campaign aimed to show how JD Sports as a brand is ready to hear the voice of young audiences through activation. He also wanted to ensure that the brand not only constantly evolves to resonate with younger audiences, but also to allow them to own their individual style.

Click Refresh aims to allow consumers to experience the JD Sports brand in a tangible, offline way while creating an online buzz around it. The brand said it was not looking to display products or offer short-term discounts. Instead, it seeks to follow young, trend-conscious consumers and continually grow with them.

While the brand declined to share specific performance boost numbers, JD Sports said it was now 30% above Click Refresh’s target. JD Sports is also running the Click Refresh campaign in Singapore and Thailand with a similar concept, but there is no confirmation yet on whether Nike will be a partner in these two countries. The brand hasn’t shared its marketing plans for 2023, other than that there will be “exciting product rollouts” and “more innovative in-store experiences.”

How is JD Sports looking at the Gen Z dollar?

Brands are increasingly looking to target Gen Z these days and JD Sports plans to do just that by merging digital technology with the retail experience. This comes as 70% of Gen Z find the in-store experience enjoyable and valuable, the brand says INTERACTIVE-MARKETING. Thus, it constantly enriches its in-store presentations to make them more attractive and relevant.

Besides social media, which is a popular channel to engage Gen Z, JD Sports is also considering OOH advertising on campus to reach this target audience. She has already done this with the Click Refresh campaign by posting posters on campus.

jd sports click refresh campus

Sue Ann Teoh, media strategist at Abern & Nyler, said Gen Z was exhausted from being inundated with overt ads. “To maintain interest and drive sales, brand owners must constantly find a new creative approach to engaging and connecting with this digital native generation across multiple media platforms – focusing on combining experiential marketing, social advertising and campus, to create a stronger brand image,” Téoh said.

Meanwhile, we always talk about innovation in the marketing world, but that’s usually easier said than done. When asked what the secret to JD Sports’ innovative thinking is, the brand said it’s crucial to understand their audience and their demands, as well as ensure they align with the vision. from JD Sports. Authenticity is also key to standing out among the crowd and building a strong relationship with consumers, JD Sports said.

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