Kamala Harris defenders include these 12 powerful democratic women

  • Vice President Kamala Harris has had a tough summer.
  • Powerful democratic women are working behind the scenes to help him.
  • Its allies have decades of experience in crisis communication.
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Washington’s version of the “KHive” is swarming to defend Vice President Kamala Harris.

It is not Internet personalities who come to Harris’ defense. Instead, a legion of powerful Democratic women worked behind the scenes – in Harris’s office and in private meetings over dinner – to spruce up the good faith of the nation’s first female vice president and help her out. fending off a recent wave of bad press.

They are crisis communications experts with decades of experience cracking down on scandals in the White House, during the election campaign, and on Capitol Hill.

Harris’ protection team includes some of Washington’s most powerful women who have long defended politicians like Bill Clinton, Mike Bloomberg, and Bernie Sanders. Some of them go back a long way, having participated in Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaigns in the 1980s.

“They’ve seen this movie 100 times before,” said Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont, 2004 presidential candidate and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

While leading the DNC, Dean worked with one of the key members of the official KHive: Harris’ current chief of staff, Tina Flournoy. He called recent reports chronicling complaints about the vice president’s office and its previous workplaces “a race and gender based attack on Harris,” adding, “Who better to turn to than the women who have been through this?

Meet the Damage Limiting Women to Protect the Vice President:

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