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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Liquid Media Group Ltd. (the “Company”, “Liquid Media” or “Liquid”) (YVR), a business solutions company enabling independent content producers and creators from creation to monetization, today announced a further expansion of the action-adventure sports content distributed through its partnership with Insight TV (“Insight”), which reaches more than 400 million households in 53 countries. Insight TV is the world’s leading millennial-focused 4K-UHD channel and content producer, with linear channel distribution through major pay platforms and CTV and subscription-based video-on-demand (SVOD) reach through services and applications, including iOS and tvOS, Roku (UK, US and CA), Android and Android TV and Amazon Fire TV (US and UK).

“Our partnership with Insight has opened up a significant global opportunity to expand the streaming footprint of select content from the Liquid library across an impressive global distribution network,” said Ron Thomson, CEO of Liquid Media. “With such compelling content chosen for distribution, we were thrilled but not at all surprised to see scan and SVOD revenue increase in the first few months. By adding over 50 additional compelling titles from our content library to Insight in the short term, we aim to further increase the reach and revenue of independent content creators and Liquid.

Since its launch six years ago, Insight TV has expanded to four continents, bringing the company’s 4K-UHD content to a growing number of linear platform partners in the United States, Europe and Asia, from new brand environments in the US, and owned and partnered social media channels.

“We look forward to continuing our successful distribution partnership with the passionate team at Liquid, and we’re thrilled to see the additional 50+ titles resonate with our millennial and Gen Z audiences,” said Graeme Stanley, commercial director of Insight TV. .

The action-adventure sports titles selected for distribution under the Insight partnership come from Slipstreamthe SVOD service organized by Liquid and part of the Online Content Marketplace Projektorwith a global reach of over one billion viewers.

“We expect Liquid’s distribution reach and influence to continue to grow at an accelerated rate,” Thomson added. “This would inject even more value into our four-step solution engine, which independent creators leverage to drive towards full monetization of their productions.”

About Insight TV:

Based in Amsterdam and with offices in New York and Beijing, Insight TV is a global media company targeting millennials and young people, producing high-quality content, providing channels, selling content and formats and managing a extensive social media network. The company operates Insight TV linear broadcast channels in 4K UHD HDR and HD. Content is also distributed via Smart TV and OTT platforms as well as via Insight TV also operates and distributes a suite of digital channels, including the millennial lifestyle channel Insight TV, the short-form content channel INBites, the action sports channel INTrouble, the science and technology channel INWonder and the INWild nature and wildlife (in partnership with Off la Barrière). Currently, Insight TV channels are available in 53 countries and 12 languages. Specializing in story-based content for millennial and Gen Z audiences, Insight TV’s original programming seeks to connect global communities through authentic voices and global influencers. Insight TV has partnered with prestigious global brands and broadcasters such as Red Bull Media House, G2 Esports, VICE Media, BT Sport and others to co-produce series filmed around the world in 4K UHD HDR. Insight TV content is available in 4K UHD HDR and HD to MVPDs, OTTs and mobile video platforms.

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About Liquid Media Group Ltd.

Liquid Media Group Ltd. (YVR) is a business solutions company that empowers independent IP creators. Liquid’s end-to-end solution will enable the creation, packaging, financing, delivery and monetization of professional video (film/TV and streaming), enabling IP creators to take their professional content from creation to whole process until monetization.

Liquid’s blockchain framework, developed with Eluvio, enables independent producers and content creators to leverage blockchain technology and NFTs to reach new audiences, achieve lower-cost decentralized distribution, sell merchandise and… ‘other special access experiences, and broadcast directly to global audiences by their own terms.

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