Manga Review: In Another World With My Smartphone Vol. 6

Title: In another world with my smartphone Flight. 6
Author: Patora Fuyuhara (History), Soto (Art)
Editor: Yen Press
Language: English
Format: Pin
Page : 196
Gender: Isekai, Fantasy
Publication date: August 9, 2022

The story

The sixth volume of In another world with my smartphone sees Touya and company arrive at Eashen. As they are about to settle, they learn that the Takeda army is leading an unprovoked attack. Touya swears to help and uses Gate to get to the fortress where Yae’s brother and father are stationed. Once inside, Touya uses his OP nature to defeat the 15,000 invading soldiers, but something is wrong with some of them. The masked soldiers look like animated corpses. It is then that they learn that Shingen-dono, the leader of Takeda, is dead and his strategist is controlled by a demon housed inside an artifact.

So, it’s on to Takeda’s heart. They infiltrate the castle and take care of things… so there is only one thing left to do….


Well, there’s a link here. The ruins they were looking for are underwater and they happened to be on a beach. So, of course, they got undressed in bikinis and swimming trunks because why not?

Here the white monarch calls upon the black monarch and now Touya has two monarchs under contract. The Black Monarch leads Touya underwater where he activates a magic circle and is transported to the Garden of Babylon where he meets Francesca… or Cesca for short. Cesca has been around for over 5,000 years because she’s a half-machine, half-magically created biomaterial. Since Touya has mastered all of the elements, Cesca has been tasked with allowing him to become his master. She then transfers ownership of the Garden of Babylon to Touya…via a “one-time” route…which leads to him saying something that freaks everyone out!


We have two new characters in this volume that seem to be sticking around.

The first is The Black Monarch or Sango/Kokuyou. The black monarch is a turtle (Sango) with a black snake permanently coiled around it (Kokuyou). The snake seems friendly and a little playful, but the turtle seems old and stuck in its ways. However, he is soon humiliated by Touya and bends the knee to become his servant! Being fused like this, you’d expect them to argue, but they seem to get along just fine.

Francesca is our other new character and through her we learn how the garden of Babylon was born and it was part of a much larger land, but the land was fragmented into 9 parts and each part became an island floating which no one can see due to a magic barrier. This means that Francesca has eight other sisters, each protecting one of the islands. It’s unclear if we’ll search all the remaining islands, but we do know that Francesca now serves Touya and the Garden of Babylon is hers.

Francesca is one of the greatest flirts I have seen. Despite being the equivalent of an android, she has no shame walking around in panties. It turned out to be a test… or so she says. His actions at the end of the volume say otherwise. She seems very straight in her personality with very little emotion but her words mean a lot to them. I assumed it was just another girl to throw in the Touya harem pile.

Last word

It was quite an entertaining volume. We got some action at the start, we expanded the harem, we got to see a lot of skin, and now we have our own floating island! I don’t know if they will stay in Eashen because the ruins were their goal and now that the ruins led to finding the garden they could search for the other eight islands which means there will be eight more girls to add to this circus. of a harem!

Still, the purpose of going to Eashen was for Touya to see if there was a connection between him and his old world. The series is looking to move in a different direction and move past that, but with Touya Haven having gone to Eashen, he can now easily go back there, so it’s not like it’s going to take a huge, elaborate setup to bring us back there. They could accomplish it with 1 sentence and half a page if they wanted to.

Still, I found it hilarious how overpowered Touya is with his phone. Null magic is pretty crazy, but it takes all the mystery and danger out of everything. It works for comedy, but it’s been used a little too much lately. I would like to see Touya put in a situation where he can’t get away with it so easily. It would be a nice twist. At the moment, though… it doesn’t look like we’ll have anything like that anytime soon.

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