Marketing & Communication Manager – Pedestrian Jobs

Position Summary

The Communications and Marketing Manager will be a key member of The Great Club’s (TGC) leadership team responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring our internal and external communications strategy. The successful candidate will be involved with all of our TGC bookings, including local, interstate, and international music acts and private events. This key role will help promote and communicate TGC’s purpose as a venue that showcases original live music.

About the Grand Club

TGC is an independent music venue located in Marrickville, NSW. Since early 2021 we have hosted Molly Millington, MAY-A, Polish Club and Middle Kids. The TGC team is passionate about delivering high quality live music events for our wide range of artists and audiences. We love good times and good vibes.

Main responsibilities

In order of priority, the Communications & Marketing role is responsible for:

  • Plan, develop and implement marketing strategies, communications and public relations activities, both external and internal, within deadlines
  • Constantly working to develop the brand and image of TGC
  • Promoting TGC events, projects, impact and stories
  • Development and maintenance of website content
  • Development and maintenance of social media content
  • EDM content development and publishing
  • Use networking skills to engage stakeholders, build and maintain successful relationships with stakeholders, and grow existing relationships
  • Support other areas of the business in their strategic and operational objectives through marketing and communications outreach
  • Development and maintenance of partnerships
  • Perform other duties as required by management and staff from other departments as requested/required

Shared responsibilities

All management roles at TGC share some degree of responsibility for the following:

  • WHS and taking care of space
  • Community Engagement and Liaison with Artists
  • Strategic orientation and actions
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • KPI’s and other non-financial data
  • Meet budget requirements
  • Knowledge of business partners and relationships

Key attributes

The Director of Communications and Marketing is self-motivated, people-oriented and an excellent communicator. They will take initiative in their responsibilities and maintain an approach of continuous improvement and collaboration. They will seek to innovate communications, partnerships and services that enhance the social, cultural and financial opportunities that support TGC and our community.

They also have a demonstrated commitment to and understanding of the creative, performing arts and hospitality industries and their audiences.

Skills, experience and certifications required

  • Advanced degree in a media, communications, marketing or project management related degree, or 2+ years equivalent experience in a similar role
  • Demonstrated proficiency in the use of graphic design software, eg Canva
  • Demonstrated experience in project management
  • Demonstrated experience in product development
  • Demonstrated experience in content production; copy, visual, audio
  • Demonstrated experience in audience and business development
  • Use Squarespace and other website platforms with confidence
  • Confident use of social media platforms and promotional tools
  • Demonstrated experience of teamwork and working with clients

Non-essential and desirable skills and certifications

  • Confident use of photo and video equipment and editing software
  • Experience in the creative, performing arts and hospitality industries

How to register

  • Review key responsibilities and required criteria outlined in job description
  • Email [email protected] with a cover letter and resume (no more than four A4 pages) showing required and desirable skills
  • Include a website or PDF portfolio of relevant recent work, e.g. campaigns, product development, audiovisual content

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