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7 partners in the sands

Opening a store, restructuring a brand, or planning a business’s future goals are all phases that require good photographs and videos.

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, January 12, 2022 / – Opening a store, restructuring a brand or planning the future objectives of a company are phases that require a lot of responsibility. Good marketing great quality strategies, photography and videos should be aligned with the essence of a business and its target audience.

In order to give more visibility to any business, 7 partners in the sands, a photography and video agency, comes with a different proposition, bringing as one of the main pillars the personalized service and the 360º vision. The agency is positioned on the business and events market in an innovative way precisely to create a marketing action.

Making a good impression on those who see the advertisements of these companies is essential for success. By incorporating high quality photographs into the advertisement, a business can project a professional and inspiring image to those who view the material. This is partly why companies spend money on professional photography, even though cameras are quite affordable. The expertise of professionals can make the difference between a simply functional image and one that sends a powerful message.

7 Sands Partners, which is under the leadership of a young entrepreneur; Mr. Aaron Nagel; the Executive Director and son of His Excellency Dr Raphael Nagel, a world renowned investor and senior advisor to royal families and the very wealthy. With his years of experience and vast knowledge in marketing, Mr. Aaron Nagel brings new ideas to the market and finds his passion to do the most professional job for any business in order to nudge his audience and increase his potential with his new ideas and his well-being. experienced team.

7 Sands Partners, a Dubai-based company, is considered the fastest growing marketing company in the Middle East, specializing in digital marketing, content photography, videography and promotional videos. They deliver bright and effective videos that improve brand visibility of companies locally and internationally to a wider audience.

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