New study from Brian Pasch Enterprises shows high quality of AutoWeb click-through traffic for dealers and OEMs


Recent report validates the high engagement of vehicle buyers in the corporate market

TAMPA, Florida, September 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – AutoWeb, Inc. (Nasdaq: AUTO), an automotive matchmaking platform connecting car buyers in the marketplace with their preferred vehicle transactions, today announced the results of a research report conducted by Brian Pasch Enterprises (BPE) focused on the quality of its click traffic generation product. The detailed report and accompanying visual components provide a number of insights into AutoWeb’s high value audience and its levels of consumer engagement, validating the high caliber of the traffic platform. of the company.

“We appreciate that such a respected industry expert was able to assess our click-through traffic and confirm the high level of value we provide to our resellers, as this reflects our deep concern to provide the most effective and efficient solutions. performance, ”said Dan Ingle, COO of AutoWeb. “Click-through traffic is an essential part of a balanced automotive retail marketing strategy and makes a quantifiable contribution to sales totals. By leveraging the traceability of these expenses to optimize performance, we are able to help dealers meet their marketing goals.

AutoWeb retained BPE to conduct an in-depth research on the company’s click-through traffic generation product to identify how it fits into the larger conversation of helping dealerships manage their online businesses. in order to stimulate sales growth. In addition to incorporating its own recent traffic acquisition research, BPE surveyed existing AutoWeb customers, tested claims about how the product worked, and generated analytics reports to verify that actual delivered value matched promotional materials. from AutoWeb. The overall goal of the research was to enable BPE to accurately assess the performance of AutoWeb’s click-through traffic product for dealerships in an actual implementation.

BPE’s recent research on consumer phone calls generated by dealer-funded Google SEM campaigns showed consumer intent to be a mix of sales, parts and maintenance, and administrative calls. Specifically, in BPE’s assessment of Google SEM traffic for dealerships, he found that less than 13% of all Google SEM phone calls were attributed to an active vehicle buyer.

“Dealers using Google SEM basically pay for consumers to look up a dealer’s name, address or phone number and make vehicle service appointments, which is not an efficient use. of their marketing spend, ”said Brian Pasch, founder of BPE and PCG. . “Alternatively, when we evaluated AutoWeb’s click-through traffic product, we saw much more impressive levels of quality, value and interaction with buyers, thus lowering the cost of a dealership to generate an opportunity. vehicle sales. When comparing click-based advertising, it’s important to inspect conversion results and traffic quality, not just quantity. “

BPE’s new report demonstrated that AutoWeb’s traffic platform is focused on driving consumers who are in the market for their next vehicle, by providing a tailor-made funnel that cuts out non-auto buyers. Dealers do not pay for individuals who simply search for their business on Google, as AutoWeb consumers are, in effect, buyers of vehicles in the marketplace. The research also identified significant price differences, with AutoWeb ranging from five times to 50% cheaper than its competitors based on cost per click.

The analysis also showed that AutoWeb’s click-through traffic generates better dealership website interactions such as chat, sales phone calls, SMS, and trade-in submissions compared to others. online advertising strategies. These high engagement figures are due to consumers having to identify the brand and model they are interested in before seeing an ad unit, thereby creating higher click intention to the reseller’s website.

“Having AutoWeb paid click traffic in our digital arsenal is a no-brainer,” said Peter Deiser, director of e-commerce for automotive group Ed Morse and a current AutoWeb client included in the BPE research report. “We’re getting high-quality click-through traffic from leads that have gone through the AutoWeb online funnel to manufacturing and modeling. Why wouldn’t we want those prospects on our website to check out our inventory of exactly matching make / model? “

To read BPE’s full report, visit and-oems /. Pasch also discussed some of the results on a recent podcast, which can be found at

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