Observe the domino effect of branding in Turkish exports


When it comes to exports, we can never ignore how crucial branding is. Having and exporting branded products is an imperative in a country’s vision.

While selling good quality products to the world is really important, being recognized around the world for the brand is just as, if not more, important. Turkey, to this end, has recognized the need to increase the stature of its brands and is investing in this direction.

The Assembly of Turkish Exporters (TIM) established the TIM Brand Council to seize global opportunities during the pandemic and increase branded exports that add value.

Better late than never, it is a relevant step. Branding, which is an important issue that needs to be addressed, will raise the bar considerably.

Many companies that support exports through contract manufacturing are expected to create their own brands and take their place in the international competition. In this new era, where the brand determines the dynamics of competition, the TIM Brand Council was created to encourage companies to increase their brand exports, to create a roadmap to contribute to the image of the country and to progress in global indices.

Made in turkey

Although there are many factors in determining the direction of international business, branding is very important. If you branded a product, you can overcome any crisis.

After becoming a brand, it will always be easier to recover from a negative situation by using the necessary promotional activities. We have enough opportunities to create sustainable and high quality brands.

As production continues at full speed, the proliferation of Turkish brands will bring good opportunities in the new world order.

Being a brand means not compromising on quality and welcoming customers like family. It is sometimes a question of listening to demand, sometimes of assuming a leadership role. To control and maintain the quality of brand exports, the “Brand Council” will be in place.


In Turkey, we have TURQUALITY, which is the first and only state-supported brand program in the world. Under the program, there are 178 exporters of goods and 22 companies in the service sector.

These companies have an export unit value above both the Turkish average and the average of the top 1000 companies. The export value of these companies per kilogram is $ 1,000 (8,732.58) in the jewelry industry, $ 254 in the defense and aviation industry, $ 33 in the the steamboat and yacht industry and $ 31 in the plants and ornamental products industry.

Companies within TURQUALITY’s scope have been more successful in terms of market diversification. We see that TURQUALITY companies export to 78 countries on average.

Roadmap and objectives

The 2021 roadmap and the main goals of the TIM Brand Council can be explained in five steps.

The first objective is to improve the image of Turkish branded products on the international scene. At this stage, it is about improving the quality of products and services. There will be continuous promotion and marketing activities including global Turkish brand advertising, advertising and corporate identity activities.

The second main objective is for companies to gain direct access to global markets by purchasing foreign companies and brands that are known or have development potential. In line with this objective, mechanisms will be put in place to provide information, advice and technical support to exporters.

The third main objective is to create a data infrastructure to monitor the exports of companies’ own brands. Unfortunately, there is no database of branded exports in our country. The TIM Brand Council will create this database and contribute to field and scientific studies.

The fourth main objective is to promote Turkish branded products more effectively on digital platforms. In this context, it aims to increase the visibility of companies through e-commerce marketplaces where the main global buyers and sellers meet.

The fifth objective is to strengthen the promotional activities for the Turkish brand and export sectors within the Turkey Promotion Group through the work of the TIM Brand Council.

Of course, there will be training in addition to these five goals. To achieve these five main objectives, it aims to increase branding activities in target markets.

The Ministry of Commerce launched a ‘First Step to Export Mentoring in 81 Cities’ training for SMEs to help businesses build competitive national brands through international merchandising activities, thereby reducing reliance on international brands.

There are no limits to branding, any object can become a brand, just like any person. And branding can elevate a country’s position through a domino effect.

A person can turn a product into a brand, and the branded product, in turn, can transform an entire business into a bigger brand. As a result, the industry and country to which the branding business belongs can grow into a huge, well-known brand.

Just like in this simple example, Turkey will likely increase with branded exports in subsequent years and have a high export unit value.

Our mission throughout this process is to work hard like bees, carrying our country further every day by creating value internationally.

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