Ogilvy Health Makes Statement of Intent with Senior Social Media Promotion


As Head of Social Media, Rebecca Carter, who was previously Director of Social Media, is responsible for the design and delivery of Ogilvy Health’s social media offering to clients and is the author of the Semi-Annual Social Report. Check-up of the agency, which reviews global corporate social media channels. of 15 large pharmaceutical companies.

The 2020 edition of the report found that businesses performed well in terms of corporate identity, with 80% of businesses “operating in good social health by ensuring a consistent tonal and visual presence across all channels.”

But he cautioned: “Conversely, content was the weakest category, with 60% of businesses not operating with good social health. ”

Carter joined Ogilvy Health as Social Media Manager in 2014. Her previous roles include Digital Editor-in-Chief at Bupa and Digital Content Manager at Brandcast Media.

In addition to its promotion, Ogilvy Health recruited three people to join its social team.

Eroica De Souza

Eroica De Souza (above) joined National Westminster Bank as Senior Strategist, Natasha Finn from Lime Creative as Social Media Manager and Frances Cassidy from Public Health England as Senior Account Manager.

Commenting on the hires, Carter said, “I am delighted to welcome these important additions to the team to fuel our next phase of growth, supporting our clients with a range of services ranging from strategic intelligence to social first content, through the optimization of paid promotional strategies.

Antonia Betts, Head of Public Relations and Influence at Ogilvy Health, said: “With public interest in the drug development process at an all time high, engaging directly with customers, including the public , is both an expectation and a huge opportunity for our clients, who use corporate social channels to engage with multiple stakeholders like never before. “

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