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Defining the future of real estate

Spotting and explaining trends in real estate innovation, PlaceTech publishes news, analysis and commentary. If you want to understand the future of the built environment industry, join us.

PlaceTech welcomes contributions from industry. Tell us about collaborating on creating content that can educate and inspire the real estate industry into the future.

For guidance on submitting your content, please see our guidelines below. We explore the sustainability of real estate on a global scale – the projects and businesses involved can be based anywhere. Our subscribers come from all over the world.

PlaceTech educates professionals working in real estate about the future of their industry. We present the benefits and challenges of embracing innovation through practical case studies, how-to guides, and analysis of trends changing the industry.

Regular editorial sections

Show readers what’s possible in real estate, to stretch their imaginations and give them examples of buildings or places that are doing things in new or innovative ways.

Dive into the details of how innovative buildings were delivered and the results.

Raise awareness of regulatory and political risks to readers’ portfolios, and how technology and new ways of working can mitigate this risk. From net zero carbon and renewable energy to diversity and inclusion, the responsibilities facing ownership are changing all the time. We help you follow.

Helping you stay relevant in your careers and businesses in an age of technology encompassing the built environment. How disciplines within real estate are changing and how real estate professionals have affected people’s roles, the skills they need, their daily tasks.

A resource for homeowners to help cut through the hype around buzzwords or technical terms. A short and precise glossary and a cheat sheet to help grasp the basic concepts.

To help readers visualize and understand the scope of the proptech market. Who is adopting the technology and why? What are the benefits, which decision makers in your organization should be involved?

Telling the story of early adopters in real estate transformation. How and why did they decide to adopt and what was the result

PlaceTech loves video and podcasting. Thought leadership debates, product demos and building tours, videos and podcasts provide a solid engagement platform on which to engage and reach our audience in the US, UK and around the world. the rest of the world.

How can today’s new generation of analytics providers help real estate companies navigate emerging market trends to make better decisions? Use source data from innovative platforms to tell real estate stories that will sustain assets.

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