Pricer: Musgrave Deploys Cutting-Edge Digital Capabilities to Improve Price Accuracy and Improve CX

Musgrave Deploys Cutting-Edge Digital Capabilities to Improve Pricing Accuracy and Improve CX

Working with local partner, Unipos, Musgrave is implementing Pricer’s ESLs in SuperValu and Centra stores in Northern Ireland. Automated pricing capabilities will improve operational efficiency and in-store customer experience, while contributing to Musgrave’s sustainability goals.

Ireland’s leading retail, wholesale and food service provider, Musgravedeploys an ESL (electronic shelf label) from Pricer at SuperValu and Centra stores in Northern Ireland as it seeks to digitally transform its store base.

Pricer’s solution will enable the grocer to improve store efficiency and customer experience (CX), while contributing to its sustainability goals. Implementation of the solution with a local partner and an ePoS specialist, uniposat SuperValu and Centra stores, ESLs allow Musgrave to centralize pricing and promotions, allowing them to be updated digitally and in real time, to ensure pricing accuracy.

In addition to providing operational efficiencies as store staff no longer have to spend a significant amount of time manually replacing paper labels, allowing them to redirect their efforts to customer service focused activities that add value to buyers’ buying journeys, it also contributes to the sustainability of Musgrave. goals.

“We needed a pricing automation solution that could dynamically and quickly change prices across our stores in sync, while allowing us to be more sustainable with our store operations,” commented Michael Devlin, Head of IT at Musgrave Northern Ireland. “By automating the pricing process, crucial time is freed up to work on value-added activities, such as merchandising, replenishment store and assist customers, while improving staff satisfaction as more time is spent in-store rather than back-office for price changes and promotions. As prices are updated instantly, ensuring that the price displayed on the shelf is always the same as at the point of sale, we can further increase customer satisfaction and confidence. »

“Sustainability is a key driver for us in all the decisions we make,” added Trevor Magill, Managing Director of Musgrave Northern Ireland. “With the deployment of ESLs and the elimination of traditional paper labels, we will see a definite improvement in our paper consumption. We will continue to monitor paper reduction based on the energy consumed using this system, but since Pricer ESLs are based on extremely energy-efficient technology with market-leading battery life, we have no doubt that we will see a lasting net benefit from ESLs.”

The customer experience is also enhanced at the edge of the shelf with the ESL solution, with digital signage bringing promotions, offers and product information to life through images, information and animations to better meet to the digital demands of buyers. Indeed, the original research of over 2,000 UK buyers in the latest ‘Pricer UK Consumer Insight Report 2021‘ showed that two-thirds (65%) would be more likely to purchase a product in-store when they can easily and clearly access product information digitally. Six in ten consumers (57%) say they would like more access to product details in addition to prices, while almost half (49%) would like more digital signage at the edge of the shelf to help inform their purchasing decisions.

Devlin of Musgraves continued, “Pricer labels come in a variety of shapes and sizes that meet the needs of our different store formats, along with the ability to display images and animations, which helps create engaging promotions for our customers who go beyond standard paper. labels. Our market-leading brands are successful because they meet the changing needs of today’s shoppers. From the customer’s perspective, it is vitally important to have prices that are on the one hand accurate, and on the other hand easy to read and captivating, which will encourage repeat personalization via a smooth customer journey and in-store digital. With Pricer, we have a robust, scalable, and scalable platform that we can rely on for years to come.”

Duncan Potter, CMO at Pricer, commented: “Future retailers like Musgrave understand that shoppers’ needs are now changing to become increasingly digital. Customers want engaging and immersive experiences delivered digitally at the edge of the shelf to enhance their in-store experience. With the implementation of ESLs, not only can Musgrave meet these changing shopper needs, but it can also improve in-store operational efficiencies and provide more rewarding experiences for its employees.

About Musgrave

With a 145-year heritage of food and brand innovation, Musgrave is one of Europe’s largest family-owned grocery businesses, with its network of brands including SuperValu, Centra, Frank and Honest and Musgrave MarketPlace , expanding to 1,400 stores across Ireland and Spain. . Employing 41,000 people, its total combined turnover now exceeds 5.4 billion euros. Built on the philosophy of “building good business”, the food retailer places the creation of a sustainable and profitable business that benefits shareholders, staff, partners and communities at the center of its operations, working tirelessly to innovate and lead the way in the food retail industry.

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