PRM Marketing Services Announces Completion of Transition to Focus and Accelerate B2B2C CRM, PRM, Loyalty and Rewards Businesses Globally

For companies to gain a sustainable competitive advantage, building a strong B2B2C ecosystem for customer and partner relationship management remains a critical differentiator. PRMMS aims to help companies innovate, scale and get it done faster.

PRM Marketing Services (PRMMS) (, a leading company in customer relationship management (CRM), partner relationship management (PRM) and performance-based incentives and rewards B2B2C and data-driven technology in Asia Pacific today announced the completion of the transition of its business operations to focus solely on marketing customers and channel partners in APAC, EMEA and the United States.

The transition marks a major step for PRMMS in accelerating its independent loyalty and relationship marketing business, which has been growing for two decades in APAC markets. PRMMS is led by JB Ray, CEO, who has led its CRM and PRM business since 2003. He has been a key strategist and architect in transforming the PRMMS business to its current state.

“The creation of PRMMS is a strategic decision driven by innovation, growth and our ambition to be the disruptor in the CRM, PRM and Incentives and Rewards category. We envision the future to be in ecosystem-led b2b2c solutions and we won’t stop until we help transform and enable the industry to be effective and efficient in managing customers and business partners. distribution,” said JB Ray.

PRMMS also confirms several key management updates. Carolin Chan, who has been with the organization for over 15 years, will lead as Vice President, Strategy and Marketing and spearhead strategic global business expansion. “I am excited about the evolution of PRMMS and the impacts we can bring to the markets. I will focus on improving our capabilities, helping our global customers grow in the APAC and EMEA markets, and strengthening our marketing activities, in line with our business strategies,” said Carolin.

Binesh George, who has led the PRMMS technology division for 15 years, will act as CTO and lead the development and innovation of next-generation B2B2C ecosystem solutions. “Technology has been our primary enabler and I look forward to further accelerating the process of building and transforming our solutions by ensuring the security, compliance and scalability needs of our customers,” Binesh said.

“The new organizational structure along with our strategic direction will enable us to develop innovative solutions and redefine how CRM, PRM and incentives and rewards will work in ecosystem-driven environments in the future and deliver strategic benefits. to customers, partners and clients”, declared JB Rayon.

About PMR Marketing Services

PRM Marketing Services (“PRMMS”) is a leading marketing technology company that provides CRM, PRM, and incentive and rewards solutions to Fortune 1000 companies and various other enterprise clients in APAC and global markets. PRMMS has served clients in the automotive, agricultural, consumer packaged goods, manufacturing, oil and lubricants, retail, and technology industries. PRMMS won the 2020 and 2021 Loyalty and Engagement Awards back-to-back in the “Relationship Marketing Agency of the Year” category. With more than fifty awards to its credit in the Strategy, Technology, and B2B and B2C categories, PRMMS offers an end-to-end relationship and loyalty marketing program to its clients in APAC and global markets.

Over the past fifteen years, PRMMS has helped enterprise b2b clients in all markets launch and manage over a hundred CRM, PRM, and incentive and rewards programs. Headquartered in Singapore, PRMMS has established a network of partners in fifteen markets serving APAC and global customers.

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